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"Romulus "Dracula""

His full name is Romulus Cruceanu a multi-keyboardist/programmer, musician and composer born in Transylvania, whose sensitivity as well as talents
shine thru as a "true" artist.
Stemming from an intense classical background Romulus has many influences: from electronica, new age and world, to pop, dance and rock. His albums of both smoothing and majestic textures are evidence of his creative abilities.
You didn't think I had any class, did ya? Ha... - Good Times Magazine, John Jay


Garden of Silence - LP - Air Play, 176 Radio Stations
FireDance - LP
Zamolxis - LP



Romulus is a combination of electronic , world, pop, rock, dance and new age music elements.
Scoring music for film also, gave Romulus the opportunity to understand the need for a more complex music structure where the audience can enjoy a variety of music styles in a single context. A "Global" music, without limits and restrictions.

Originally from Romania, Romulus came to the US,
to blend the music of Eastern Europe to America's rich music heritage. He focused especially on music from Transylvania, which is part of Romania, where Romulus was born, land of "Dracula" who was a real king of the region called : "Vlad the Impeller"

Mystery and Magic is the best description for Romulus' Music, where you find your peace of mind, you can relax and let your thoughts fly free in the realm of the unknown, where there is no time and no limits.

Romulus music is inspired from traditional old folk themes found in the authentic music of Transylvania, part of Romania, mixed with electronic, pop, rock, dance and even classical elements.
Specific to the region instruments like: "nai" (a pan pipe) and "caval" (kind of flute), makes you appreciate the refreshing sounds from the World of Dreams - Transylvania.
It is like taking a journey to an enchanted place where your dreams come true and your imagination is the limit.

Romulus Music is an attempt to find the best in us: our continuous search for love and happiness.