Romulus Rex

Romulus Rex


Romulus Rex brings the rock, but in a unique way. Constantly evolving and mixing it up, they never cease to entertain and keep things fresh. Romulus Rex is not out to fit any particular sound or genre, they are just four guys who dig playing music that's really cool.


We are Romulus Rex. Romulus Rex emerged from the ocean in the year 2005 AD. Upon crawling ashore, awesome music was made. Walking in the forest one balmy afternoon, a bear arrived and threatened the existence of Romulus Rex. As it lunged for Welly, the other three attacked with their guitars and drumsticks and the beast was slain. As it turned out, the bear was feared by all on Mount Desert Island and the surrounding areas and all came to love them and their celebratory music.


New album coming out soon! Also, we have a rock opera entitled "The Forest", and several other bootlegs and LPs. Tracks from "The Forest" have been played on our local community radio station, WERU.

Set List

Original music and covers ranging from the Cars to the Zappa to the Animal Collective to the Hendrix and anywhere in between. We celebrate electricity as well as acousticity.

The length of a set varies, depending on what type of gig we're playing. We can do anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours.