romy dee

romy dee

 Los Angeles, California, USA
SoloHip HopReggae

a smooth journey through the worlds of reggae and hip hop with a flow as smooth as chocalate milk . hosted by world famous ,singer, dj, romy dee. bassfiend run the dancehall!!!


a staple in the reggae and hip hop world for the past decade or so. toured with the bob marley festival for several years. most famous for the hit tunes "paugh paugh" and "its romy dee" as seen on mtv and bet and released on priority records. can perform with a dj or with a live band. either way after seeing a romy dee show you too will become a BASSFIEND!!!


paugh paugh, its romy dee, doomsday, tings n time, gangsta, fe de money, roots n culture, good ting, whappen, and many many moore

Set List

have two 45 minute sets with a band or can perform with a dj and rock the club all night long.