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Ron Roper

Summerville, South Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020 | INDIE

Summerville, South Carolina, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2020
Solo Hip Hop Electronic




"New Instrumental-Only Album Press Release"

[Charleston, South Carolina, October 2021] - The hip hop artist known as Ron Roper has shared somewhat of an introduction of his music production to the world. For this instrumental-only album, he apparently created a different pseudonym to keep the direction separate from his main pseudonym’s known agenda. This may seem like a mistake to some, but he says it allows him creative freedom. The new five-track “hip hop-electronic hybrid” album can be found on all digital platforms under Roper Beats - Rope-A-Dope Vol. 1.
Historically, Ron Roper has had many other names. Early in his career he was cofounder of the hip hop ensemble One Movement in the Pacific Northwest. Eventually he branched out on his own and has released music under a few different names. In 2020, he finally settled on Ron Roper as the mainstay artist name going forward. As you can see, name changes are something of the norm for this artist, but this time he says it is different. “You know, for a long time I wasn’t sure what name I wanted to use or even who I wanted to be in hip hop,” Roper says. “When I finally decided to keep it real like the name that my parents gave me, and not hide behind a mask, I stopped worrying about a lot of things in regards to image. But I think it the years of developing my style and my mind, going through life and experiencing hardship and learning how to be, before I could have ever come to that conclusion.” Roper continues, “In regards to this secondary name, Roper Beats, I knew I should keep my family name a part of whatever I was doing, and I wanted to have something where I could experiment with sound and release those pure forms to the public without any lyrics on them. Some of the tracks I produce will have my lyrics on them at some point, so people will have two versions. And of course, other artists reach out to me for beats as well, so you may hear my music on their records. In the end, it isn’t a financial endeavor, and there is no identity crisis behind it,” Roper laughs, “I just wanted the freedom to share what I do in the studio before anyone else gets involved. Simple as that.”
This new album may only have five tracks on it, but they are all totally different. It is a breath of fresh air if you are looking beyond the cookie-cutter music heard in popular circles. Some of it certainly lives in the hip hop music genre, some of it dips into the electronic music genre, but it is a very unique approach to music production and deserves to be heard. Ron Roper says he will continue to release these albums in the future as he accumulates what he considers “interesting enough to share”. These will be available under the same title as Vol. 2, Vol. 3, and so on, and he expects to release a minimum of two albums per year. Stay tuned to this up-and-coming artist as he pursues a mastery of music production and continues to share his sound with the world. - Subterranean Entertainment


Early Releases In Career:

Group Albums:
One Movement - Creative Juices EP (2006). 
One Movement - Organic Mechanics (2007). 
One Movement - Momentum (2008).  *By far the best album with the group.

Solo or Duo Albums Under Different Psuedonyms:
Stein MC - The Cinemaudio Mixtape (2010)
Relik & Antidote - On The Rise (2017)
Relik - Ashes To Assets (2017)

Newer Releases Under Current Psuedonyms:

Singles - 
Ron Roper - Wordsmith (2020)
Ron Roper - Unheard Of (2020)
Ron Roper - Doin' My Thing (2021)
Ron Roper - Cold Soul (ft. Bellicose) (2022)

Albums - 

Roper Beats - Rope-A-Dope Vol. 1 (2021).
Ron Roper - Untitled (anticipate release - Late Summer 2022)



Ron Roper - Artist Statement

       I am a music producer. This is who I am at my core. Being involved in music has completely shaped me into the man that I am, and I know it will continue to evolve me into who I want to become. I cannot even imagine what life would be like without music, and I believe music has chosen me for its vessel - not the other way around. It is a central tenet to how I view my existence. I am at the behest of my aural senses, and it is such a blessing. Without the ability to create and make art, I would fee like I have no outlet.. Art, in itself, has become the all-encompassing truth in my life. When I feel down or feel  like my life is out of my control, I always lean on my creativity to lend a hand and pull me out of my misery. This has become the norm; it has become my go-to for personal growth..

       I feel alive and “in the zone” when I’m creating. I get lost in it. Sometimes what comes out of it is impressive, sometimes it isn’t. Either way, delving deep into creativity does something to me spiritually. I feel very light and emptied out of anything I was holding onto before. It’s a deep level of therapy that cannot be replicated. I am lifted up for a month or more after creating something worthwhile,, and years later I come back to it and get a small inkling of that feeling again. It’s hard to describe beyond that. But for me, music is something I have to create in order to function properly and move forward in a positive way.

       Creativity being what it is, I try to switch things up as often as I can. If I see that I tend to stick to genre rules, I really make an effort to break away from it. I bend the rules of course, and make my own, but would love to create something so unique that it isn’t definable by a particular genre or set of rules. Whether it be the sound choices, the tempo, the way I use automation, or the general composition and structure, I want to experiment beyond the pre-ordained parameters set by my predecessors and find something that belongs only to me. That is the high-level l mission that I am on.

       My music is inspired by my life experiences, pain and hardship, and the good fortune I’ve been given. I share these things in my art because that’s what in my heart and I believe in my soul that is what I am supposed to do. It is the reason I am alive. Every time I work on a project, I am reminded that even though it’s very technical, there is a living, breathing idea that is trying to come into fruition. I begin a piece by coming up with a melody, usually in my head throughout the day, and that becomes Ground Zero for the flow of creative juices. I know I’m on the right track when I am filled with a sense of excitement and suspense; when awe and enlightenment set in, I know I’m pursuing something potentially great; and I know I’ve completed a solid piece of art when I feel true fulfillment and pride. I am always seeking that. That’s how I excel as an artist and feel good about myself as a person. It’s that simple.

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