Rona Geffen

Rona Geffen

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Sexy & pounding electronic music, an inimitable mixture of Techno, Down-tempo and Pop.


Sexy & pounding electronic music, an inimitable mixture of Techno, Downtempo and Pop.
Driven by an uncompromising approach towards music & sound, Rona Geffen is an all DIY musician & artist inspired by everyday city life. Her mastery over the production work as well as her warm & thick voice juxtaposed with an explicit sensual attitude, creates a booming lush rhythmic and musical world, where everything is allowed & probably distorted.
Geffen's debut album "Bilono" (2008) is a blend of extremes, surfing between hard electronica, sexy vocals &  pulling strings, creating a unique and pulsating tone. Her 2nd EP "The Emancipation of Mitzy" (2010) gathers 6 tracks, 5 of which are heavy dance floor oriented reminiscent of techno circa the early 2000's. Geffen states, matter-of-factly, "its all about heavy tribal beats, massive bass-drums and hectic percussion." This EP is more unified by its genre representing hard & pumping Techno for the chaotic crowd. Drugs, alcohol, politics and sex (as always) are the issues driving the music. Distortions, amplifiers & rhythm are really the means to make it come to life.
The pursuit for massive hypnotic sound scapes continues on stage where this one woman show comes alive - tweaking her machines, manipulating vocal & music in diverse and edgy ways, combining a whole lot of rhythm n' bass, singing & live sampling. This 100% Bionic show cruises the fine line between a Dj set and a live set, keeping the crowd pumped and ready to explode. Down beats, hard dance, hypnotic melodies and an overall lush vibe are mixed into an hour of pure drawn musical experience.
While today Rona Geffen is collaborating with international artists including;  Mad Professor & Yasmeen Goder, her beginning has been compared to so many classic films, as she moved to the sin city of Tel Aviv at the age of 17 and discovered the epic rave scene back in '98. Her years of playing piano, guitar & clarinet resolved to the moment where heavy repetitive drums were revealed to her ears and the idea of anything else than producing and performing became the only thing that mattered.
Geffen has performed regularly around the world, but mostly in New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, and of course London. She is currently releasing forthcoming album, 'Blood of My Blood' independently in summer 2013, and producing a Dance-Opera by the name STRIKE! based on the classical play Lysistrata by Aristophanes.


Just Fuck Me

Written By: Rona Geffen & Ann Streichman

?Im sick of waiting for the kick
?I want a man that knows his tricks
?Someone that knows just where to touch
?Such a guy I want so much
?And Im a chick that needs to tick
?But baby you were quick to quit
?I got no time for all this shit
?Just fuck me

?Now times have changed my dear, Mien Herr
?Its not like that a girl cant dare
?And I just came here for the hunt
?So please stop acting like a cunt
?Im a girl that needs to know
?Will you flow or will you go
?I had enough of useless dicks
?Just fuck me

?I never thought that it will be
?For a fine pussy such as me
?So hard to get a decent lay
?Just to drag me through the day


Written By: Rona Geffen

?I have been on the case of too many bitches to know
?You’re not gonna show
?You’re not gonna call
?You’re not gonna try
It’s a dream and I kissed it goodbye

?And I have been on the run for too many years in a row
?And You’re not gonna show
?You’re not gonna call
?You’re not gonna try
?It’s a dream and I kissed you goodbye

?And there is a fine line of sweetness and glow
?And the colors are yellow and green and much more
?But I know in my heart, I've seen it before
?You’re not gonna show
?You’re not gonna try
?It’s a dream and I kissed it goodbye

?You’re not gonna show
?You’re not gonna try
?It’s a dream then we kissed, said goodbye

Wetting Party

Written By: Exotique Magazine #23

?Dear editor

?In a recent issue I read where Tana Lousie got involved in a wetting party with her girlfriend. I thought this all sounded like a fine idea and so proceeded to try it myself. First, I put on a clinging red crepe dress that I had. It was cut down quite low in the bosom and always seemed to attract attention whenever I wore it out. I covered my arms in a pair of elbow length black, satin gloves and on my feet, I placed a pair of red rubber boots that I hade made for me recently. Underneath all this, I had a combination waist nipper/garter-belt that held taut my sheer nylon stockings. I decided against a bra since I knew the feel of wet crepe against my skin will be a thrill.
?After the garments were on, I stepped carefully into my shower and gradually turned on the water. At first, to be quite truthful about it, I felt very uncomfortable in the wet clothes, but after a few minuets, this slowly turned into a feeling quite unlike anything I had ever experienced. As the dress started to shrink up it clung to my curves even better then before, and my wet stockings made my legs feel heavenly. I could feel a warm glow covering my body and as I turned on more water this became an experience that I won't forget for some time to come.
?Dear editor, I'll feel forever grateful to your Miss Exotique for introducing me to this amazing "sport".

Maximosa B.yatch

Written By: Rona Geffen

?Bitch makin?g? money 4 her beer
?Makin?g? money for her Dows
?Making money for her jewels
?And to buy expensive clothes
?Bitch making money for her fitness & her goes
?Making money for her self & nail polish on her toes

?Bitch making money?…?

?Bitch making money for her cd?'?s her books
?Making money for her life
?Making money from her looks
?Bitch making money for her mornings in the sun
?Making money just for fun
?Buying presents for her mom

?Bitch making money?…


2013 - "Blood of My Blood" (TBA)
2010 - "The Emancipation of Mitzy" (EP, RG)
2008 - "Bilono" (Album, RG)

2012 - "Look @ the Thing" (RG)
2012 - "Shir le Erev Hag" (RG)
2011 - "Ode to the Patat" (RG)
2011 - "Profit & Loss" Feat. Mad Professor & André Marmot (RG)
2011 - "Ha kise" (RG)
2011 - "The Regime" (Geffen VE Streichman)

Compilation Albums:
2012 - "Shir le Erev Hag", "Take Me", "All Eternity" - Yonatan Naim Project (Various Artists, RG)
2011 - "Patat" - Selected Works #8 (Various Artists, Muzik)
2011 - "South Bitches" (Davidance)
2010 - "Bitches" - Selected Works #7 (Various Artists, Muzik)
2009 - "Pentagram" - Eyfo Ha Humous (Various Artists, 106FM Har Hatzofim)
2008 - "Kelev", "Pentagram", "Nigun" - Rakevet Luna Park (Various Artists, HaTav HaShmini)
2007 - "Just Fuck me" - Selected Works #5 (Various Artists, Muzik)
2006 - "Hol BaEynaim"Selected Works #4 (Various Artists, Muzik)

Music Production:
2012 - Yonatan Naim Project (Double Album, RG)

Set List

100% Bionic Tour:

Shir le Erev Hag
Take Me
Maximosa B.yatch (Bitch Makin' Money)
Just Fuck Me
Empty & Broke
Hol BaEynayim (Sand Blinded Eyes)
East West
Lonely Avenue (Ray Charles cover)
Wetting Party
Tehran Nights
It Began with 1 Pissed Chika
Look @ the Thing