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Send Me

Written By: Ronald Curry


I dreamt I met Miss Liberty
and in my dream she asked of me
“Who will keep my people free?”
I took her hand and said, “Send me”.

She lowered the lamp she held in her hand.
“Who will defend this wonderful Land?”
“Who will protect the Land of the Free?”
I looked in her eyes and answered, “Send me”.

Send me.
I will go and I will do.
Send me
I’ll be faithful, brave and true
Send me
I’ll stand beside our friends
Send me
And we’ll battle till we win
Send me

I promise to remember that Tuesday in September
When the enemies of freedom took to flight
But our resolve was never measured in concrete, glass and steel
But in our courage when we’re certain of what’s right

They don’t know who they’re messing with
in this Land that God keeps blessin’ with
sons and daughters brave and true
who’ll give their all for me and you.

So who will keep this nation free?
I will, Lady Liberty,
I’ll keep the faith with history
To pass on what was left to me
Send me

Send me.
I am brave and I am true
Send me
I am faithful through and through
Send me, Lady Liberty
And I will keep our people free
Send me
Copyright Ronald R. Curry 2006