Ronald Kerst

Ronald Kerst



I love to write lyrics /poems, I am a former Rock drummer. I write from my heart,sometimes
humorous,sometimes more serious.
I have been published in several anthologies and have won many awards for my creative writing abilities.
I wrote A Tribute To Old Glory,which was put out through Tumba Records.
I was born and raised in the heartland,Chased my dreams and got to play with many top notch bands.
Here I am 40 some years later..still chasing dreams
and loving life.


My Harley Girl

Written By: Ronald C. Kerst

You can see her on the streets any day at any time.
If only I could catch her,I'd Like to make her mine.
She rides a big red Harley this girl that I adore.
Dressed up in black leather,looking good that's for sure.
Her long blonde hair was just blowing in the breeze,
and could it be my Harley girl,has just rode into my dreams?
As she rides through the streets,she sets my heart on fire,
I've got to catch my Harley girl,she's the one that I desire.
I put my plans in action bought a Harley of my own.
It was too much for me to handle,so my best friend drove it home.
The next day I saw her as she cruised the streets.
So I asked her to my house, to take a look at my new beast.
I then made a big confession,when I told her."I can't ride!"
Now she give me lessons and she's always by my side.
You might see us on the streets,dressed up in leather of black,
She'll be on the front and,I'll be on the back.
Ready Baby? Let's Rumble!