ronan steinbaum

ronan steinbaum

 Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, ISR

"somewhere in between Nick Drake and Simon&Garfunkel"


Q: Where did you grow up?

A: I was born in Argentina. I grew up in Jerusalem, Israel and partly in a small village in south India.

Q: When and how did you get into music?

A: I started playing the guitar at the age of 12, but my first real attempts to write and compose music were about 10 years after.
My first CD entitled "Ronan Songs" is in Hebrew and was released in Israel on 2004.

Q: Name 5 of your biggest musical influences.

A: 1. Bob Dylan: not very original but still, he is the greatest lyrics writer I’ve ever heard.
2. Caetano Veloso: his melodies and harmonies with that perfect voice (especially an album called "Joya").
3. Nick Drake: he influences the way I play guitar and write.
4. Joni Mitchell: in particular an album called "Blue".
5. Lou Reed.

Q: How did you get to writing in English?

A: Most of the songs in this album were written in Paris where I spend quite some time these last 2 years. I guess being far from Israel plus feeling quite comfortable with the English language, it just came naturally.

Q: A word on the musicians you've been working with on this album.

A: First of all Gedy Ronen who produced the album with me, he's been the eyes and ears of this project, doing everything from recording to playing, editing and mixing. He's my greatest musical soul mate.
Uriel Sverdin, the drummer, is a close friend from high school, we've been playing together for many years now.
The twin brothers Eyal and Ofer Ganor, play the bass and guitar.
They are two great musicians whom I've met recently, it’s been a real lesson playing music with them.



Written By: ronan steinbaum


Under the sky
There is only me
I gulp the silence
In little sips

I see a shadow
I know its mine
I need some answers
But I have time

I count in my heart
One two three
With a melody of
A prayer I heard
When I was a kid
One two three
With a melody of a prayer

Beneath a cloud
There is enough light
To see the way
That will get me by

I’ll know when I’m there
Like I know I'm here
I’ll find all the things
That have disappeared

I’ll count in my heart..


Written By: ronan steinbaum


I will fly like a butterfly
And I will sting like a bee
I will shoot golden arrows
In all directions

I will still a horse and ride it
For as long as I can
I will sing hymns and prayers
At the top of my lungs

I will float down the river
I will never look back
I will turn all the road signs
And make them point up

I see my shadow
Seems he's smiling at me
Telling me you're going nowhere
You've got no direction

I reply you're just a color
You don't even exist
And I can paint you in orange
Make you look like a clown

Then I will float down the river
I will never look back
I will turn all the road signs
And make them point up

like a mantra

Written By: ronan steinbaum

Like a mantra

When I was small
I listened to the radio
I would record
The biggest hits into cassettes

I used to kick
A tennis ball
back and forth into the wall

I'd walk around the house
Reciting I am bored I am bored
Like a mantra

When I grew up
I was afraid of girls
I dated only those
I didn't like

I’d shave my head
So I can pass my hand
on top of my scalp

I'd walk around the house
Reciting I am bored I am bored
Like a mantra


"ronan songs" 2004

"count in my heart" 2005

Set List

"count in my heart"

song iist

1 butterfly 2:46
2 like a mantra 3:26
4 tibetan monk 3:47
5 old age 3:50
6 somebodyelse 4:01
7 1.2.3 3:57
8 stop 3:45
9 air 1:59