Ron Buck

Ron Buck

 South Lake Tahoe, California, USA

fun and inventive, songs are created live using voice, multiple instruments, and loopers. The flavors tour the world, a pervasive positivity permeates :)


Always on the move, new places, new scenes -
A childhood abroad led to many happy years
vagabonding across America in a V'dub camper van;
'till captivated, at last, by the endlessly inspiring
beauty of the high sierras ...
The deepest joy is sharing the positive potential
inherent in creativity. Music is especially unifing,
able to trancend personal boundaries, and
communicate on the most profound levels +


ep's - Sacred Road '99
- Psycoustadelic '04

Life is sweet, the music reminds us -
swimming in the stream of conciousness ...

Set List

Improvised, hour-long sets
80% original, covers are folk/pop
always unique, fun, and fresh