Ron Dalton

Ron Dalton


Ron Dalton is a Seattle based singer songwriter with a captivatingly smooth voice and well tempered finger picked guitar style. Ron writes and performs songs from Americana to blues and jazz. He has won awards as a performing songwriter in several national singer/songwriter competitions.


Ron Dalton crafts songs from Americana to Zazzadonna. "I grew up listening to a wide range of music and though I was attracted to pop music early on, I have found that this aged melting pot of American music has been a source of unlimited inspiration. As a songwriter I tend to use the style that best tells the story."
Ron comes from a musical family and has carried on the family tradition of performing acoustic music for anyone with an ear to lend. "My mother used to play boogie woogie piano by ear and in the 40's she would play grange halls with my Grandpa on clarinet and my uncle on banjo." Ron’s first CD, HALF has been well received and he is working with Scott Ross of Elliot Bay Recording for the next release.
"Half was a CD that fell out of the parted sheets and rolled out into the living room, literally. This new project is a collection of performance favorites that shows a greater breadth of styles."
Ron is a seasoned performer who regularly performs with several other groups as vocalist, percussionist, and guitarist.


Half (2005)

Set List

My sets are usually 50min and have more than enough material for 3 sets together.

Current Setlist:
My Ohio
Hell on Wheels
Thousand Kisses Deep (cover)
The Van
Whos Fooling Who
Shores are Calling Me
Life Getting to You
Empathy Walks
Always something there to remind me (cover)
Give Back My Heart
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