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Ronda Rozon

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If I play solo, trio or full band my desire is always to connect with the listeners. To share with them the songs that have been inspired by my journey in life. Whether we are playing originals, soft rock covers or inspirational gospel songs we always hope that we are inspiring others. We are known for engaging our audiences through our heart felt songs and performances.

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What In The World Is Going On

Written By: Ronda Rozon

What in the world is going on
How can we keep holding on
The world around us is changing
Weather and tides rearranging
Men are becoming lovers of themselves

People are dying of hunger
Others steal and plunder
Resources are drying up
Mankind can never get enough
Something soon something soon must change

It's time to come together
One world one heart together
No more fighting over race
No more killing green space
No more pretending, pretending it's not there

Killing in the name of religion
Does nothing but cause more religion
What we need is real love
Genuine selfless love
Can't we just can't we just get along