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Rondo Sterling
Alt Pop
I’m such an austere opponent of the way commercial radio stations apply the word “smooth” to music (jazz, for instance) that I try to avoid affixing it to that which I don’t intend to whip, castrate and destroy. Though the requisite elements exist on this Louisville band’s first EP — especially that winding saxophone! — I can’t do it. The first two tunes, with singer Robert Scott’s mannish, whispery voice going on about women having fun on the beach in short dresses, backed by crisply acute drumming, backbone thunder bass, spidery guitar lines and that sax everywhere … the word bounces around maniacally in my brain. Observe: This is a good thing, a surprisingly good thing, frankly.

The third opens with an intro plausibly the stepson of the Rev. Al Green, had Green’s pretend wife, Whitney Houston, raised him. Remarkable for a white boy in his 20s. Out of nowhere, the song blasts into a Sublime-esque vibe that continues to the end of the final song, a 311-style talk-jam with Scott copping a strangely accurate Bootsy Collins impression. It’s a peculiar journey over four songs, but quietly enchanting.
—Stephen George
- Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO)

"How Far Am I From Canaan?" is a gospel homage that would hit on all cylinders during a Sunday church service..."

"Brighter moments come in the form of Adam Huffer's saxophone riffs chiming in on "Much Fun," the CD's best overall contribution fit for late night jazz radio."

"With only four songs to go on, it's hard to put your arms completely around the potential this Louisville group possesses. The talent is there"

— Chris Quay
- Velocity News Weekly

"Rondo Sterling's release is a nice, cool relaxing album that is sure to please..."

"Calm saxophone covers every inch of this album and does wonders to it,"

"... everything on this album is provided in a satisfying fashion"

"...this can be played on repeat."

- Alex Scozia
- Caffeine Magazine

Rondo Sterling is tough to crack. The band’s self-titled EP, which came out last
year, showcased its weird schizophrenia, moving from Radiohead-ish pop and rock
to the more traditional current version of indie rock to some kind of hybrid
jazz-soul that was maybe a little unsettling but ultimately worth the ride it
takes from the mundane and utterly normal. So really, the band’s been a melting
pot, and because of the consistency of singer Robert Scott’s vocals and the
finely honed musicianship of the four players, the good kind.

Things are progressing nicely for the band, according to a recent update from
Scott. They’re doing nominal touring, getting decent radio play and have been
well received by some music scribes.
They’re playing the early show tomorrow at the Rudyard Kipling. You ought to go.

- Stephen George - Leo Weekly

Robert Cambron and Adam Huffer — the duo that makes up Rondo Sterling — is all over the map on this one.
Elements of jazz, '50s and '60s soul, standard pop and hip hop leave their tracks on Sprezzatura, a term dating back to the Italian renaissance that, loosely translated, means "making the difficult look easy."
Cambron is a crooner who has no shortage of personality but doesn't take himself too seriously. For proof, see "Skulletor," an Outkast-inspired homage with shout-outs to Col. Sanders and mullets.
Partner in crime/producer Adam Huffer ropes in a boatload of guest musicians to contribute to this 10-song bonanza. By the end of it, you'll arrive at two conclusions: They're creative or they're demented. You'll have to decide for yourself. —Mat Herron
- LEO News Weekly

Rondo Sterling — Rondo Sterling

Kentucky-based Rondo Sterling employs alternative pop-rock with pizzazz. Carefully settling in with the catchy guitar hooks is some brass horns and light percussion that occasionally throws down some 2B thick drumstick styles. Vocally it’s melodic crooning that is often very open mouthed. Not bad with some jazzy underlinings and almost Motown soul on “How Far Am I From Canaan” giving it a barbershop quartet vocal arrangement feel even.

- J-Sin
- Smother Magazine

In 2002, four artists from various musical backgrounds formed a band, which they called Rondo Sterling. Their self-titled, four track EP has been released in advance of a full length CD that is in the works. Rondo Sterling's sound is hard to categorize. Although they use the label "alt-pop", their music also incorporates jazz, a little bit of hard core and rock. Rondo Sterling pens clever songs that are a shade dark in light, pop arrangements. Their four songs also have an experimental edge with the use of harmonies, varied rhythms and different musical styles. 'Much Fun' and 'Green Contacts' start off slowly but build momentum with tempo changes and sassy sax parts. 'Arms Around' is a more forceful tune blending pop textures with a punk attitude. Rondo Sterling is a unique quartet crafting music that is imaginative and original!
• Recommended Tracks: (1) [USA/KY 2005 - web]

(Review by Laura Turner Lynch for


"You can wedge the CD's [Sprezzatura] digipack in between your Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Dave Matthews Band, and your favorite jazz collection. But the CD will undoubtedly stay cranked in your stereo for as long as you can support the fantasy of a disconnection from the day to day..."

"...Adam Huffer and Scott Cambron find no room for compromise in creating professional grade, intelligent music."

"It is so easy to get lost in this culture rich music that produces an adrenaline rush similar to the one brought on by a Broadway musical." - Original Highlands Newsletter


- Rondo Sterling a 4 song EP released May 17, 2005.
- Sprezzatura a 10 song LP released November 20, 2007.



With a combination of humor, intelligent instrumentation and a flair for clever hooks, these Kentucky boys stir up the pop/rock formula. Just when you think there’s nothing good to pipe through your speakers, along comes Rondo Sterling’s Sprezzatura to save the day.

Sprezzatura is the culmination of a year’s time in the studio and the collaboration of a near dozen, young, professional musicians. Rondo, say? You might be surprised at the degree of talent and sheer performance velocity in this independent release from Louisville, KY.

One listen to the glidingly angelic harmonies in “Lordy Lordy” or the precisely unpredictable saxophone solo in “Clown Knife” and you’ll know you’re dealing with a new formula of skillful grace. “Flakes” is a catchy ballad with melodies you’ll hum along to for days. Try not to bob your head to the dirty KY funk of “Skulletor” or the rotten romp “Diverticulitis.” By the time you’ve soared with the rocking “Pistolier,” and felt the chill of the darkly realistic “Smokestacks and the Smoke,” you’ll be reckoned with the Sterling. And what’s more? It gets better with each listen.

And surely Sprezzatura is only the beginning. This is an album that will stay with you thanks to strong songwriting, eloquent lyricism, and professional production. All ten songs work together to give the listener close to an hour of diversified, spectacular music that is more than just popular. Call it fusion if you must, but the only real classification for Sprezzatura is that it’s Sterling.

Rondo Sterling was initiated in 2002 by longtime friends Robert Scott and Adam Huffer in Louisville, Kentucky. Scott and Adam had just received degrees from the University of Louisville and Boston University, respectively, Scott’s in English and Adam’s in Music Theory/Saxophone Performance. May 2005 brought the band’s first release, a self-titled 4 song EP that found significant radio play on 91.9 WFKP Louisville and 104.7 iRadio Los Angeles. This four song EP was thought of as B-Sides to the debut full-length album.

Through various incarnations Rondo Sterling has performed over 50 shows in many venues across the East, South, and Mid-West from Birdy’s in Indianapolis, The Rudyard Kipling and Uncle Pleasant’s in Louisville, to the 2004 Kentucky State Fair and 2005 International Bar-B-Q Festival, and the 10th annual Millenium Music Conference in Pennsylvania. Their stage prowess is lead by Adam Huffer’s over 500 career public performances.

Over 1,000 CDs sold!

Check out our music video Skulletor on youtube!!!