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Sounds like Jeff Buckley joins Dave Matthews Band and they sit down and listen to a lot of Radiohead and Beck. Our new album, Sprezzatura, has a little of everything; an alt-country-ish song, a dance/hip hop song, rock, ballads, saxophones, amazing vocals and lyrics, some lush strings..and a cowbell


With a combination of humor, intelligent instrumentation and a flair for clever hooks, these Kentucky boys stir up the pop/rock formula. Just when you think there’s nothing good to pipe through your speakers, along comes Rondo Sterling’s Sprezzatura to save the day.

Sprezzatura is the culmination of a year’s time in the studio and the collaboration of a near dozen, young, professional musicians. Rondo, say? You might be surprised at the degree of talent and sheer performance velocity in this independent release from Louisville, KY.

One listen to the glidingly angelic harmonies in “Lordy Lordy” or the precisely unpredictable saxophone solo in “Clown Knife” and you’ll know you’re dealing with a new formula of skillful grace. “Flakes” is a catchy ballad with melodies you’ll hum along to for days. Try not to bob your head to the dirty KY funk of “Skulletor” or the rotten romp “Diverticulitis.” By the time you’ve soared with the rocking “Pistolier,” and felt the chill of the darkly realistic “Smokestacks and the Smoke,” you’ll be reckoned with the Sterling. And what’s more? It gets better with each listen.

And surely Sprezzatura is only the beginning. This is an album that will stay with you thanks to strong songwriting, eloquent lyricism, and professional production. All ten songs work together to give the listener close to an hour of diversified, spectacular music that is more than just popular. Call it fusion if you must, but the only real classification for Sprezzatura is that it’s Sterling.

Rondo Sterling was initiated in 2002 by longtime friends Robert Scott and Adam Huffer in Louisville, Kentucky. Scott and Adam had just received degrees from the University of Louisville and Boston University, respectively, Scott’s in English and Adam’s in Music Theory/Saxophone Performance. May 2005 brought the band’s first release, a self-titled 4 song EP that found significant radio play on 91.9 WFKP Louisville and 104.7 iRadio Los Angeles. This four song EP was thought of as B-Sides to the debut full-length album.

Through various incarnations Rondo Sterling has performed over 50 shows in many venues across the East, South, and Mid-West from Birdy’s in Indianapolis, The Rudyard Kipling and Uncle Pleasant’s in Louisville, to the 2004 Kentucky State Fair and 2005 International Bar-B-Q Festival, and the 10th annual Millenium Music Conference in Pennsylvania. Their stage prowess is lead by Adam Huffer’s over 500 career public performances.

Over 1,000 CDs sold!

Check out our music video Skulletor on youtube!!!



Written By: R. Cambron


You are better than your everyday cornflakes (getting soggier than
quicksand). Life´ŕ΄is such
a bother when you don’t holl’at
me or call in time. So, we fall
in line? Stop signs are telling
me to not pursue my typical route.
Live’such a bother when you don’t call.



Written By: R. Cambron

Skulletor or: How I learned what’s in a name and stopped hating

Kissin’cousins on a rainy day
Gettin’lovin’, feelin’lucky the KY way
A hot box of fang g’lickin’
but not from the Colonel (Luv that Lee’s)

With clippers slim keep the kitten cut and trim (statutory!!)
Erstwhile and still addicted to smut, yes’m
Y’all just some ‘taint-ticklin’ tallywackers.
Come bite my, uh…(‘ristocratic ‘irline)

it ain’t all good in your hood there’s a Skulletor

Got a little lover who won’t push me away
cuz I got her handcuffed to my bed, OK
it’s not a bed, more like the steering wheel of an
’87 Mustang (Wildcat Blue!)

Business in the front, p’ty in the back
I got a wooden CrystalMeth Loveshack (tabernacla fo s’cracka,
wers’at?) for all the Hello Kitty raver girls
who call me on my pager smoke (…jiggle, er?) while you are doing so, shoo…

put your hands up feel it for the Skulletor

Cuz I ain’t no criminal
Please, miss, jeez, I’m just a man with needs

and I ain’t no goddamned piece of white trash
I’m better than all you’s, y’alls, y’sn, dozens…

“Once you’re sound, you’ll feel it for your neighborhood.
Inside-Dateline’s in your hood, you feel just fine?
Don’t you feel it for your neighbors?

You know I’m a slayer, always been.
Won’t you feel it for your slayer? Good.
Louisville Cardinals’ Slayers.”

(Dunkensteinappreciater or Rajonaggrevator?)


Written By: R. Cambron


Long-coat cavalier
Trick sleeve, slim cut, desert clear
Tears, my darling, around
with you, my early starling

You’re so crazy, love,
but you’re no daisy, love.
You’re so crazy, love,
but you ain’t no daisy eye’s never saw.

H, I’m your huckleberry.
Who’s faster? To the contrary.
Come now, bring your brother.
(2shots2quick) Wire mother.

c’mon lungie

Lordy Lordy

Written By: R. Cambron

LL. I’m in drastic need of a holiday.
LL. I’ve got to get away somehow,
so far away…

RUbl´ín? RUin?
Rn’t you’n ‘tertained?

let me tell you what they told me (wh’dé tella)
work³ get paid and if you’re lucky enough boy you might just
get laid now imahsé what I said, (SpeakListen)

"Are you blind? Are you insane?
I’m dance, just dance; dancing in the rain."

OLLLLllllme. With my baroness, that’s where
I’ll be.
Take a lil’ trip, we’ll take a lil’ trip away.


- Rondo Sterling a 4 song EP released May 17, 2005.
- Sprezzatura a 10 song LP released November 20, 2007.

Set List

We usually do a 1 hour set comprised of any combination of the following, however, we can fill 3 hours if needed with covers (to be selected based on audience) of pop, rock, and/or jazz:
1) Diverticulitis (rock)
2) Clown Knife (instrumental fusion)
3) Arms Around (rock)
4) Lt. Starscream (rock)
5) Smokestacks and the Smoke (alternative ballad)
6) Much Fun (alt pop)
7) Green Contacts (pop ballad)
8) Lesune (climactic ballad)
9) Skulletor (dance funk)
10) Lordy, Lordy (pop/rock)
11) If You Is (alternative folk)
12) Violet Night (alternative western rock)
13) Pistolier (alt rock)
14) Flakes (acoustic groove ballad)
15) L Yes, not W (pop)

1) I'm a Man (Bo Diddley)
2) How Far Am I From Canaan (Sam Cooke rock-gospel)
3) Superfreak (Rick James)
4) Waterloo Sunset (Kinks, D. Bowie)
5) Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
6) Fortunate Son (CCR)
7) N.I.B. (Black Sabbath)