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Rone is a Philly native that jumped onto the music by freestyling Charles Hamilton into retirement. After getting a taste for hip hop battles, Rone continued to cut his teeth and build a loyal fan-base through his involvement in the rap-battle circuit. He emerged as a standout performer on Grindtime and KOTD, to name a few. He has since proven himself as an ever-developing, well-rounded talent whose songwriting chops match seamlessly with his sharp-witted raps and smooth crooning.

Rone's debut album "The First Story" was released Tuesday, June 19th via indie-label Raw Life and peaked at #29 on iTunes Hip-Hop chart. The First Story is Rone's first full length effort. Executive produced by Rone and Dice Raw, each song was built from scratch by some of Philadelphia's most talented producers including Rick Friedrich (credited producer of The Roots' Grammy-nominated "How I Got Over" album), Ritz Reynolds (Producer for Mac Miller, The Roots, OCD: Moosh & Twist, etc.), Khari Mateen (The Roots, J*Davey) and more who work with the Raw Life label.


The First Story - 2012 - Raw Life

Singles via Raw Life
200 Miles to Philadelphia - 2012
Giving My Love - 2012
Roadrunner ft. Ricky Radio - 2012
Workaholics Freestyle - 2012

Set List

Rone is currently performing freestyles as well as songs off his debut album "The First Story"