RONES is unique, at least for Belgian standards. They bring an exciting mix of electronica and alternative rock. Started as a stonerrock band, they now have embraced new musical influences such as eclectro and dubstep. But without losing base of their origin. If you need musical influences, think of a love child of NIN, TV On The Radio, dEUS and Editors. LIve RONES are joined by a sax player to add another level.


It has been a long wait after the debut album ‘Sinner Songs’ (2008) for new material from the six-pieced band RONES. But the band has been working continuously on new material. In all peace and quiet; not threading on obvious musical paths.

The first new single ‘She’s A Dancer’, released on the ‘DANCER EP’ and also featuring several solid, dancefloor remixes (Title, Vermin Twins, Modek), shows the clear musical change of RONES. A warm melodic sound, mature with menacing synths, crazy electronica and seriously fucked up tempo changes as the driving force behind the songs. The trademark 'in-your-face' rock has not disappeared entirely. But it’s more channeled, tempered as it was on the debut album. All this is a clear sign of how the self-titled second album will sound.

With the help of producer Ace Zec (Customs, Diablo Blvd) Rones went to the legendary ICP studios, Brussels for the album recordings. And the band got hold of the international mastering wizard ‘Big Bass’ Brian Gardner (Beck, Nine Inch Nails, Quotsa, Beastie Boys, CCR, ...) for the finishing touches.

RONES have their eyes set on the world.


- Sinner Songs (2008)
- DANCER EP (2011)
- RONES (2011)