Ronette Lee

Ronette Lee


Different than usual, yearning to be, almost undone, almost set free.


I've been writing songs for about 12 years, Its been categorized as different things. Influences are hard to list, anything from Van Gogh to Green Day, Ravel to Radiohead, The Who to the Holy Grail.


Philosopher's Blues

Written By: Ronette Lee

Philosopher’s Blues
Ronette Lee

They’re one in a million
They’re all alike
So into their own thing
They blend in nicely with the rest
Blurs and bits of them show up from time to time
And the question is to rhyme or not to rhyme
Everything else is secondary, stationary, set in its place,
at a comfort level, just enough to sit still, until,
a strong wind comes along and
topples it into primaries.

And how the hare won the race
What a disgrace,
“Enough of that,” the turtle said.
But he hadn’t the speed, if he could breathe,
Did he have the time,
To sit and rhyme,
But he hadn’t the speed
To take the shortcut.

So blurs and beginnings and endings too
Swirl together amidst a pink and blue
A blue to black a pink and blue a blue to black
sort of hue.
Here it comes again up my back and to my brain
Teetering me on a precipice
that holds the same
behind as below so blow as it will
for one day if the earth is round,
I may end up in the place
where I began
I just may,
I just may….

It Shakes Me

Written By: Ronette Lee

Like an earthquake
shaking my foundation
the subtle rumble of a truck
on the highway

it shakes me
it shakes me

Like a maple leaf
in the winter
shivering itself
off in the breeze

it shakes me
it makes me
it quakes me
to my knees.

Like a drop of water
waiting to go
over the edge
to the pond below
in the breeze.

it shakes me
it shivers me
it quakes me
and the earth under my feet.

Snowy Night

Written By: Ronette Lee

On a snowy moonlit night
all the stars were shining bright
she turned to him and said,
"Its time to go, get out of bed."
He packed their things
they headed out in the snow
fear of the future was in their bones
but they were glad that they weren't alone
and when they made it out to the highway, the Lord said, "I'm glad you see it my way."

She held his hand way too tight
and kept her voice deep inside
they didn't know the joy that they would be bestowed
that snowy night with a heavenly glow.
He turned and asked her, "Honey, are you ok?
You know I've waited so long for this day."
They made it where they needed to go
they made it through all that cold deep snow.
He came out with a scream
strong and stubborn as any
and as they watch him grow into a man
they know he's doing the best he can.


Written By: Ronette Lee

Joy with the dawn
regrets through the dusk
it takes so long to find them if we must.
Births with a new day
deaths through all the years
reaching into our memories
dispelling all our fears

Birth we try hard to remember
death the thing we cant forget
birth we try to hard remember
death it hasnt reached us yet.

In the middle of a dream
flying over the black sea
reflections of a white full moon
up above
both above and below me.

Birth we try hard to remember
death the thing we cant forget
birth we try to hard remember
death it hasnt reached us yet
no it hasnt reached us yet.

Saturated to the point of drowning
waiting for the sun
to pull me up above
the surface of sleep
reaching out to the sea--
oh the deep blue sea.

Love is Real

Written By: Ronette Lee

Its these times at night
getting you ready for bed,
when I realize the innocence
in your little head.

When I put away your clothes
when I help you blow your nose
when I find all your T-shirts
dirty and tucked away

It's these times when dreams take over, and childhood fantasy is real.
Its these times when I feel
your little hand in mine
that makes me know

Love is real.

Keep your head up my son
all your work is done for the day.

I hope I gave you time to play.

All Hallowed Eve

Written By: Ronette Lee

When God make heaven and earth
He saw that you and I were there.
He said, "Its time to take your turn,
you gotta spend some time down there. See how much good you can do, take your time down there."

All the saints in heaven and on earth helping each other from
death to birth.

All Hallowed eve, all hallowed eve

On nights of ghosts and darkness
feel the warmth in your heart.
Know that the spirit is in you
and sleep in heavenly peace.

All hallowed eve, all hallowed eve.

When the Lord came down to this land he told his friends,
"I dont expect you
to understand all this.
What I'm asking is for you to see,
see something with faith
and be free."

All hallowed eve....

Going Home

Written By: Ronette Lee

I'm blank and waiting
to be written on
like a slow easy story from afar
tales of Prince and princesses
and all the good things they have
guess I've got to play some catch up

and Im going, Im going back home. Im going, Im going home.

Guess Ive got to play some catch up to times and places, memories
and faces of things gone by.

And Im going, its been so long, Im going, so much time is gone, and Im back home.

Words of wisdom
times of indecision
ways and lays of time gone by.

and Im going, Im going back home. Im going, Im going home.

So far away, so far away and away from you today
Im waiting to stay back home.

If I walk to you

Written By: Ronette Lee

If I walk to you
will you run the other way?
if I run to you
will you ask me to stay?

There are so many days
that come and go like the seasons
some as long and dark as winter
some as sweet and fresh as springtime

will you look the other way
willyou ask me to stay
Go ahead and break my heart
I'll just have to start over again
go ahead and break my heart.


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