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Ron Gotti

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My music is based on my life experiences.Inspiration for my songs come from the good times in my life as well as the bad.The stories I tell are meaningful and can reach peoples emotions on various levels.Its like a mix of joy and pain.I would best describe it as feel good music with a street twist!


Ron Gotti's musical journey began in his families church. Being his mother was an organist in their church it influenced his interests in becoming a musician. Without any formal training he began to skillfully play and understand music as well as musical insturments. Although his mother tried to keep him involved in the church, his father's involvment in the streets sparked his interests, which then at a young age led him to sell drugs. Although hiphop began to evoke his spirit (Rakim and LL Cool J playing a big part in that) his involvement in the streets continued to grow, and eventually led to his incarceration.

While incarcerated listening to Nas inspired him to write. He found writing to be a stress relief and an escape from the prison walls. Upon release he continued to write and battle rap. He listened to Biggie and Jay Z relating to their stories. Realizing talent was present he began wanting to take rap serious, but was too caught up into the lifestyle of a hustla. His monetary gain from hustlin' allowed him to travel to different cities displaying his talent. Throughout his travels he caught the attention of Sophia Wilson in Atlanta,GA which led to a management agreement. Through Sophia he caught the interest of Entertainment Attorney Vernon Slaughter and Harve Pierre President of Bad Boy records. Due to his involvement in the streets, he ended up back in prison and nothing materialized, causing him and Sophia to part ways. While incarcerated he became distressed and once again found comfort in writing. This time it was placed in his heart and spirit to wholeheartedly pursue music. He began comming up with ideas for songs as if he were going to record an album, and upon his release had the perfect gameplan as to how to approach things this time around.

After his release he began to record and was in desperate search of beats. While creating his myspace page he came across up and comming producers Iron Lung and RaCharm both of whom are acknowledged by grammy award winning producer Rockwilder on his rocbattle site. These producer's beats and Ron Gotti's songwritting ability made a marriage. After recording several tracks the turn out seemed to be potential hit material. With the combination of his musical talents, and life experiences he is able to articulate his story in a very interesting way. Now with positive feedback flowing in from local radiostations and djs he has become more focused and more persistant. Thanking God every step of the way, he seems to have found his purpose, and is looking forward to a bright future.


no formal releases as of yet.

Set List

At the moment its just me and a D.J