Ron Hardy aka Tarumbae aka Louisiana G-FUNK Family

Ron Hardy aka Tarumbae aka Louisiana G-FUNK Family


Post Modern reggae/hip hop with a tinge of the FUNK..elements of the groups War,Earth Wind and Fire,Bob Marley,James Brown...Very roots oriented with a modern pop feeling


Ron is a noted underground artist and percussionist extraordinaire whose works have always risen to the top as he slid back to the UNDERGROUND. Tarumbae’s early works in the Bay Area during the early 80’s with his band The Rydim Rockers gave him regional and international exposure. He is also an original member of both "Galaxy" and the "Fillmotions" from San Francisco. He pioneered mixing Reggae, Funk and Hip Hop together. These works paved the path for the likes of the Ragga Muffin Posse’, Smiley Brim, the IJP (International Jah Posse’) and many others young Ragga Muffins of that era. Ron is also noted in the National Hip Hop Archives as one of the founders of the first free Hip Hop Magazine “The Deep” in the mid eighties along with DJ-G(K-POO), Scratch Master Grand T and Joe “The Hip Hop Philosopher”. Ron hosted a Reggae/ RaggaMuffin Radio Show called "The City Under Seize Sound System" on K-POO 89.5 FM( San Francisco)before moving to Finland. During his stint in Finland (1992-1996) Ron was one of the original members and spiritual advisor for Finland’s most noted international Reggae band of that era, “Saganor” headed by Mike Thomas (original member of The Mighty Pyramids). One of Saganor’s most noted performances were at the 1993 Rock Summer Festival in Tallin, Estonia where they shared the stage with Faith No More, Samantha Fox and Procal Harum. During that same period Ron co-founded the band “No Explanation” with a group of young Finnish rockers. No Explanation rose to national prominence in Finland as they received rotation programming on Finland’s infamous Radio Mafia with their mini hit song “Mita Tapa Tuu” off their CD entitled “Book 3-Synthisis which Ron produced on his label “Do It Ya Self Productions”. This group also appeared on “Huomenta Suomi” (Finland’s equivalent to Good Morning America). Since returning to his ancestral home in 1996 to what Ron calls “Sweet Home Louisiana". Ron, along with Stanley Robinson,Sonny Gaston and DeAnna Michelle formed Red Beans & Rice Productions, LLC in 2001. He then released his “Unplugged and Off the Chain” CD in 2002 and "Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow" in 2006. Ron, executive produced two compilation CD’s featuring rising North Louisiana Urban Artists “From the Heart of the Port City” 2003 and “The Power Pak” 2004 on his Red Beans & Rice Productions label. Additionally, Ron founded and serves as Executive Director of PLAYAZ AND PLAYETTES,INC a non-profit charitable artistic educational corporation that received the 2004 Governor’s Art Award for Outstanding Small Art Organization in the State of Louisiana ( Ron Hardy also received the 2004 Artist Fellowship Award for his musical works from the Shreveport Regional Arts Council as well as the 2006 Artist Fellowship Award in the Multi-Media category................Stay tuned for his new release " Playaz Handbook" due to be on the streets Fall '08 in the hip/hop mode under his old aka Young Ron..........Ron Hardy is a true PLAYA of all the genres......MUSIC is his THANG!!!!!! TARUMBAE aka YOUNG RON aka GODSON of the G- FUNK aka The CISCO KID aka ????


Midnite Reggae Groove '86 12" single.'89 Warzone LP/cassette, '95 Book3 Synthesis CD,2002 Unplugged and Off the Chain CD, 2006 Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow CD, 2007 Port City Playaz Single, 2008 "My Ragga Dolly Gurly" single.