Ron|Harkins is a gospel music artist that puts main and prime focus on ministry. So many artists today are focused on making music sound good. The Ron|Harkins experience not only sounds good and is entertaining, but holds a message that everyone and anyone in the listening range can relate to.


Ronald T. Harkins was born in Kansas City KS and lived there throughout most of his life until 2002 when he and his family migrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they currently reside. He is currently 17years of age and absolutely loves music and everything concerning it!!! He plays piano, keyboard, organ, drums (all marching, orchestral, and the drum set), percussion, and the trumpet. He also writes music (both sheet and lyrical).His song repertoire contains up to 48 songs and growing! He reads music, composes, arranges and directs. He also is endowed with the gift of vocal music. He can hold all aspects of the recording studio: producer, audio engineer, set up technician, the talent, and production executive.
In fact he owns and runs a gospel music production studio (Dynamik Sound Lab Music Production and is working on founding GOSPO-Elec Music Group, an indpendent gospel record label that focuses on artist development and every genre that falls under gospel: contemporary christian, inspirational jazz, urban music ministry (RandB Gospel Fusion), country-gospel, praise and worship, and traditional gospel.


None as of right now, currently working on an EP and a Promotional Package.

Set List

A typical set would include 3-5 songs depending on the time allotted. Each song is about 2-5 minutes long.
I'm Different
Dance (You've Got The Victory)
Send Me
Ya Love
Don't Be Afraid to Give 'Em Praise