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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



December 2004(Philadelphia, PA) What's the buzz: Ronii's debut CD, Lifted,

was just released, but the 26-year-old singer/songwriter's funky, R&B-

inflected vocals and soulful rock vibe have already inspired comparisons to

Prince and Lenny Kravitz. Inspired by his sometime co-writer Joe

Stonestreet, formally of the multiplatinum R&B group Blackstreet, Ronii

plays all the instruments and recorded this eclectic cd himself. In writing

songs, Ronii draws on "different situations that I've been through, but in a

very hypothetical way. I am very observant, so I generally write about other

people's experiences too, because I have plenty of empathy. I also leave the

lyrics open to interpretation, isn't that what song writing is about?" Growing up

in Moorestown, N.J., Ronii played a range of instruments and heard "all

different kinds of music. I listened to old soul, like Stevie Wonder, Sly and

the Family Stone and James Brown . My friends listened to classic rock and

punk rock, so I loved Led Zeppelin and Bad Brains. Then I moved on to Jimi

Hendrix, he changed the way I approached music, like an awakening." Ronii

started playing drums when he was five years old," I remember my aunt

bought me a sears mini drum set, I played it all day long. My mother waited

until the set fell apart from the bolts coming loose and she said , oh well I

guess its broken. I can't blame her, she is the best, she supports me 100

percent." - The Metro


Lifted- Full length CD- NEW


Feeling a bit camera shy


" I have so many influences both musical and non-musical, and anything that gives me that good feeling, I like," says a laidback Ronii. "I can’t even think of limiting myself musically, because that would hinder my growth as an artist and as a person."
Fairly new to the solo artist arena, Ronii’s fusion of rock, funk, jazz, and r&b is very much his own. And his audience is just as diverse and excited about the direction he has taken music in.
In a constant state of musical evolution, he plays every instrument on his recordings and writes his own music, occasionally featuring a guest artist. On his debut release, he is working with the extremely gifted artist Street, formally of the multi-platinum R&B group Blackstreet. “ It is a great honor to be able to work with a genious vocalist, and to be on the same page creatively. We were definetly meant to work on something, so I asked Street to write with me and it flowed.” The energy in his live show is what makes him stand out as a musician, because he plays with some of the most talented musicians around.
The new release "Lifted" will be available in stores soon, this release supports Ronii's position as a unique genre bending artist. "It really took me all this time to record, because I was searching for myself, my sound, and most importantly my message " the soft spoken artist says. "And now that I discovered what I like to do musically, I’m really blessed. Writing music is about exploring to me, discovering new ideas, new sounds, and that is what makes me want to keep going."