Ronin E-Ville

Ronin E-Ville

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Beats.... dance your butt off or be chillin' like a villain.


Colin Patrick McGuire is a producer, composer, and DJ currently based in Toronto. Under the name Ronin E-Ville, he cranks out a unique and tasty blend of beats. The ‘E-Ville’ moniker is a reference to his hometown of Edmonton, which is known to some as E-Town, while ‘Ronin” is in honour of Colin’s interest in martial arts and eastern philosophies. A ronin is a masterless samurai; the samurai were the warriors of ancient Japan.

He began his study of music as a trumpet player but, one fateful day in 1996, he was led away from the Jazz club and in to a Rave… shortly thereafter, he embarked upon the path of the beat creator and purveyor. After BFA and MA degrees in music from York University in Toronto, his work is influenced by the breadth and width of his studies: electro-acoustics, rave, urban, rock, blues, jazz, classical, and world music. Ronin E-Ville’s tracks inhabit and traipse through the genres of electronica: breaks, house/techno, hip hop, dub, jungle/DnB, downtempo, and IDM. All of it is put together digitally using an Apple computer but organically combines programming with samples and recordings of live instruments.

Colin is currently a sessional lecturer in digital music at York and Ronin is furiously working on his second album.


Big, Dirty, HiFi (forthcoming, TBA)
Ronin vs. C-Bone (LP, 2004, indie)

Set List

DJ set #1 (uptempo): breaks, house, tech
DJ set #2 (downtempo): dub, acid jazz, trip hop, lounge
DJ set #3 (midtempo): hip hop, funk, disco, breaks