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Ronin Meyer



By definition, “Ronin” is a Japanese word for a wandering Samurai.... a renegade warrior that has no master. He is a man unto himself, with honor, and only himself to answer to for his actions. “Meyer” comes from the Middle High German word "meiger," meaning "higher or superior," a name often used for those who were stewards of landholders. So you ask – “Who is Ronin Meyer?” They are “renegade warriors” of music answering only to them selves with only one goal – to create a superior sound that transcends all others; Renditions in sound and harmony that synergistically pulls on the individual talents, personalities and experiences of each band member without limitations and without boundaries. Ronin Meyer began in December 2006. Exploring each and every opportunity, bassist Mike Karpinski, guitarist Derek Keever, drummer Steven Davis and former lead singer J.A.Q, set off on their journey to create magical rhythms, touchable hooks and undeniable vocals that would be the beginning of their signature footprint in the music industry. In February 2009, the band had lost its compass and was adrift. They decided it was time for a change and parted ways with J.A.Q. They brought in singer/songwriter Elliot Weber, formerly of Afallacy, to be their new front man. Since then, Ronin Meyer has been able to reignite the passion and are once again on the path to creating even better “renegade music” in a style all their own. In July 2009, the group released their first single “Separate” from their self titled demo “Ronin Meyer”. “Separate” captures the intent of the band to break from the past and kick it into high gear. It a comment on not only the direction of the band but also a introspective note to anyone who has felt trapped by either their job, the expectations of others or their personal relationships. As stated in the first chorus line “It’s time I go, On my own, and Separate”, it’s a proclamation of freedom from the anchors that are holding one back. The song’s is emotionally charged tale of a journey everyone, at one time or another, must make, and has hit home with the fans finding its way to the national airways paving the way for Ronin Meyer to continue their new musical journey. With an ever growing fan base and the demand for a follow-up recording, Ronin Meyer released their second single, “Patience” in September 2009. The song defines the “tug of war” that takes place between “patience being a virtue” and “all good things come to those who wait” versus the pressure that are both self-inflicted and brought on by peer pressure to have things or relationships “now” regardless of the consequence. It epitomizes the nature of being human – the Ying and the Yang. The group is laying a foundation for themselves and their fans by which their journey continues embracing every listening ear, every airwave and all elements along the way to make them who they are - They are “Ronin Meyer”. Be on the lookout for their full length album “We are Only Human” coming in the spring of 2010.