Ron Josol

Ron Josol

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Ron Josol represents the new generation of comedy. With his modish comedy style and commanding stage presence, he is one of the hottest acts today.
He performs regularly in Canada, U.S., Pacific Islands, Persian Gulf, Asia, central America, the Carribean and the middle east.


Ron Josol is a professional stand-up comedian performing across the globe. In 2000 Ron won the Craven A's Funniest Home Grown competition for the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Canada's search for funniest new comer.
Indubitably, the most recognizable Asian comedian in Canada, Ron achieved a lead in his own comedy special entitled, “Comedy Now,” aired on CTV/Comedy network and later that year was featured in Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and The Orange County Comedy Festival. CBC's Bill Cameron hosted a short documentary called “Different But The Same”, which covered Ron's life as a comedian and the challenges he faced as a minority in the television industry.
Ron has written and performed on the Gemini award winning show “The Buzz,” has hosted a television series on the new omni2 Network called, “FLIP.” He has produced, co-wrote and starred as the lead of a short film based on his true story entitled, “Rolling Longaniza,” which aired on the CBC. Currently, Ron is a writer and performer on the Much Music hit show “Video on Trial.”

Set List

Can perform from 30 mins to 1 hour

Set Reqs:

1) PA System
2) 1 Mic
3) Stool
4) Water