ron mitchell

ron mitchell

 San Leandro, California, USA

internationally known male jazz male vocalist RON MITCHELL sweet sound suported by his jazz quartet . cover jazz music "my style" RON MITCHELL IS ON WORLDWIDE JAZZ RADIO AND HAS SIGNED WITH PACIFIC COAST JAZZ RECORDS


voice to the world. from churches to clubs of detroit mich. from the stages of motown to international recognition ron mitchell has given his voice to the world.

ron's musical career began at age 5 in his family church choir. he sang on throughout his youth untill at age 17 he met the motown legend kim weston. best known for her timeless duet with marvin gaye "it takes two". ms weston took on ron as her protege and eventually her musical partner. through the years ron was backup singer for the motown great. kim westons confidence in ron's voice was strong enough to feature him in her live performances of the unforgettable duet "it take two"
with proven studio and performance success under kim weston ron established his name as a band leader touring throughout the midwestern u.s.
his band opened for some of the most renown artist in soul history, including marv johnson,martha reeves and the vandellas and his former mentor. ron sang his way from private events to the top clubs of detroit. desiring to bring his music to the world ron accepted kim weston's offer to tour africa.
upon his return, ron continued to expand his music into new audances and genres. earl klugh, the master guitarist, found ron and saw him as an ideal background vocalist to his sigature finger -picking style. ron began working as a demo singer and live backing vocalist, supporting mr klugh in the studio and on stage.
with a continuing passion to expand his music and audience worldwide, ron began a tour of japan's club circut from 2001 to 2008, he solidified his position as a featured vocalist and internationally acclaimed and respected solo artist.
in 2009, ron will release a live cd/ dvd "jazzy me"
showcasing his modern, vibrant sound. already heard by thousands live, this album is the next chapter in ron's career, and will bring him to audiences worldwide.

"worldwide is my goal ,i will make it happen"

biography sent apon request........the jazz of ....nat king cole, betty carter, jimmy scott,sade , the music of motown
al jarreau... and many more music artist have influenced me with there style and sound . i am just me . and i have a passion for singing and performing. i feel my talent should be shared with the world.


jazzy me , recored live in japan. jazz standards

Set List

my sets are. one hour (1 hr.) long. the songs performed on my stage show are from my jazz cd release. this cd was recored live in japan. the songs are cover songs .
1.what a difference a day makes romance
3.someone to watch over me
5.send in the clowns for sale
8.our love is here to stay me to the moon
10. the look of love
11. one note samba