How great it would have been if Bob Marley were the vocalist of The Roots or Marvin Gaye were the singer of The Gorillaz? A blend of good, soulful and tasteful music into one indulging deliverance, a breath of fresh air for the listeners, a something that is classy & highly premium. Reggae Nu Soul


RONmuzic is best described with Reggae Neo Soul with touches of electronic sounds.

Their influences are vast, from Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Cool Herc, Run DMC, Damian Marley, The Roots, etc.

Group of friends with backgrounds of great musical talents and music production as their education, and with these, they feel the needs to bring out and expose the music to the listeners.


'We de Kings & Queens'

It is their debut album,
and their first single 'We de Kings & Queens' topped the the charts and is a regular airplay in radios in Indonesia.

Set List

1. Lemme See U Movin
2. Happy Lane
3. One Nation
4. Synchronize
5. Marley Tribute
6. We de Kings & Queens