Did you ever wonder on how it would it have been if Bob Marley were the vocalist of The Roots or Marvin Gaye were the singer of The Gorillaz?
A well thought unique concept, a breath of fresh air to be heard and seen, a something that is quite out of reach in these days, simply, a music indulgence.


RONmuzic is an elaboration of Reggae - Neo Soul and along with vintage, present and upcoming electronic sounds.

Electronic Reggae Neo Soul best describes the music genre, although its references are vast, from Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Cool Herc, Run DMC, The Roots, etc.

The talents are coming from a musical backgrounds, scholars of the school of music recording, live, and production which makes each one of them an asset to the performance, together, RONmuzic is an act that needs to be recognized and supported.


'We de Kings & Queens'

~ (debut album) ~

Their first single 'We de Kings & Queens' were sitting on number one in Indonesia and still is a regular airplay in radios in the country.

Set List

1. Lemme C U Movin
2. Shot U Down
3. One Nation
4. Illusion
5. Synchronize
6. We de Kings & Queens