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"You Haven't Heard Guitar Like This Before"

In an acoustic mix of lap steel and traditional dreadnaught resonance, guitarists Ron Neilson and John Bellar, combine accomplished technique and deft melodic instrumental songwriting. The writing is so melodic, in fact, that it is quite possible that most of these songs actually have lyrics and were songs prior to being converted over to the delightful instrumental pieces that make up the 15-track "Two Guitars One Heart". Or, maybe it's just that the recordings and performances are so based in emotion that it projects itself to assuming that there is meaning and lyrics behind the compositions. The CD begins with Stream of Memories, and immediately establishes a lush setting and aural companionship between guitars. Track 3, "Never Let Go", a deep bass is introduced as accompaniment for the guitars. In track 5, "Only Love Remains", you'll hear some of the most interesting pop solo-guitar lines to come out of a lap slide instrument. The intonation is precise, yet the nearly acrobatic phrasings are adventurous and raw - perfect. The following track, "Rain Chime", utilizes harmonics to convey the chime/rain effect - two minutes in space is provided to allow the guitars and ambiance to breathe. The harmonic experimentation continues with the following track, "Resonata". The minor mood piece has a quick paced right hand melody on top of a somber and open acoustic accompaniment. Track 14, "Upbringing", launches into a departure from the rest of the album in both tone of the guitars and overall genre. The medium travis bassed instrumental is near bluegrass, and is based more on melody within the acoustic picking pattern than the single line of a slide guitar - nice change. The final track bids the listener adieu with a Hawaiian goodbye in "Ka'anapali Waltz" - and strikes a happy little mood to lighten up the landscape. Overall this is a complete work of recorded guitar beauty. It pushes the guitar compositional and recorded format into new directions while maintaining the understood notion of melody and accessible song structure. - Don Kimenker, earBuzz - September, 2007

"Best Instrumental CD of 2007"

Two Guitars, One Heart was chosen as the Best CD of the Year in the Indie Acoustic Project's "Best CDs of 2007" Instrumental Awards category.
As we all know, attempting to create art, something larger than ourselves that has a life of it's own isn't about money - or status. It never works that way. It's about communicating with other human beings, soul-to-soul, whether by a palette and brush, or - by the intertwined melodies, harmonies and counterpoint of two voices emanating from lap-style acoustic steel guitars.

That our music, our art, can reach out now and touch others in the same way that it touches John and I personally, this is a Great Blessing from the Universe, the source of all creativity.

"Engaging and soulful guitar duets..."

Two fantastic acoustic guitar players, John Bellar & Ron Neilson
meet each other in a wonderful mix of lap steel and traditional
acoustic resonance guitar. Both guitarists excel in moody and
soothing guitar compositions with a heart rendering approach
to guitar music. The 15 tracks on this album last over more
than an hour in romantic and emotional painted poetic art. The
CD is a current flow of top-notch guitar duets with imaginary
layers. The two players interact wonderful in moody enchanting,
instrumentals. It is hard to discuss a song on this CD as any song
on this piece of art evokes ones heart. The sound quality is also
superb. On “Resonata” beautiful rich overtones, great structure
and balance are excellent woven together, just as on “Stream of
Memories”, “It's the Way” and for instance “Message from the
Stars”. “Upbringing” has a touch of bluegrass and the last track
“Ka'anapali Waltz” brings us a Hawaiian cheerful mood. Both
guitar players are virtuosos on their instrument and are able
to absorb a listener in engaging and soulful guitar duets which
can't leave a heart unaffected. - Bridge Guitar Reviews - Henk Te Veldhuis


Two Guitars One Heart - debut CD



John Bellar’s and Ron Neilson’s wholly-unique combination of beautiful sounding lap-style acoustic guitars – as well as the blend of their complementary playing styles – creates extremely sensitive, sonorous and evocative music, melodies that are intended to touch hearts and evoke nearly boundless imagery.

Both virtuoso musicians compose lyrical tunes that blend their writing and playing talents to create a unique sound that is sensuous, soothing and unlike any other guitar music you’ve ever heard. Throughout their careers they have been ahead of instrumental trends – and today, they remain ahead of their time. John and Ron create beautiful music that causes listeners to find a mellow place in their own hearts and to appreciate the distinctive sound that can only be produced by lifelong musicians who listen to their own hearts – and the heart of the world around them.

John is a gifted, lifetime player of and composer for the resonator guitar. He earned first-place in America's National Resonator Guitar Championship in North Carolina in 2005. He is a studio musician, a composer for resonator guitar and has performed regularly at the Grand Ole Opry with numerous legendary country music artists such as Dolly Parton. For many years, he was the musical anchor for bluegrass music legends, The Stoneman Family. He was also a featured artist on the prestigious late 1990’s International Tour: The Masters of Steel Guitar.

Ron, composer of some of the duo’s most haunting and beautiful melodies has a musical background in guitar composition and performance. For nearly twenty years, he has played and composed exclusively for the Weissenborn-style, Hawaiian acoustic guitar. Like John, he has also been a studio musician and stage performer.

Both musicians met in the winner’s circle at Tennessee’s first resonator guitar championship and subsequently found their heart and soul in musical collaboration. After combining and arranging their large repertoire of original music, they were destined to record and perform today’s new acoustic guitar sound.