Ronnie B. Lane

Ronnie B. Lane


Rock - Blues - RockaBilly - All rolled up in One Package with 5 very talented Musicians. 4 guys and one boogie woogie piano lady all doing lots of Original Songs - With 4 different Singers that all Rock the house with their different but unique styles.-I like to call it Rock & Roll Jimmy Reed Muisc.


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We have two Cd's
Ronnie Lane - title - "Still Rockin'" 9 Original Songs
Taryn Donath - title - "Memories of Ruth" -14 Songs - 4 are original. Yes we have Videos. see web page:

Set List

We never use a set List - We go out and hit the crowd rockin' - We can play almost any thing at any time. If we can't get the people up Dancing then Nobody can...!!!