Ronnie Caywood & Retro Country

Ronnie Caywood & Retro Country


FANTASTIC! Great group of talented guys, the very best. We're all passionate about our music and all the musicians have diverse and successful backgrounds and their musical influences are as widespread as the music they play.


The guys all have successful careers of their own in the music industry. We actually have three singers in the group. We have a great tiime on stage. You want a great get a great show! These guys have all played with the best of the best and they all have diverse and successful backgrounds. Their musical influences are as widespread as the music they so love to play.


I'd A Played Here For A Dime

Written By: Ronnie Caywood

I'd a played here for a dime,
Seems I didn't have much time
To sing my songs for you,
Whether happy, sad or blue
You know time is of the essence
And I hope I have the presence.
And if my message is sublime,
It's cause I'd a played here for a dime.
Verse 2:
I'd a played here for a nickel
Oh how the tears down my cheek did trickle,
When I think of things past done.
Forget the work and just have fun.
Just kept on goin' down the road,
Doin' my best not to implode.
And if this seems so very fickle,
It's 'cause I'd a played here for a nickle.
Oh, I could sing here all night long,
Past midnight and into dawn,
Afternoon, back into night.
Oh, everything just feels so right.
Let the lyrics tell of my plight,
What's wrong is wrong,
What's right is right
Happiness is what I feel
And that feeling is surreal.
Verse 3:
Oh, I'd a played here for a penny
To a crowd of a few or one of many,
And when I'm done, I hope they find,
I haven't wasted all their time.
Gotta go find that city limit sign,
That'll take me farther down the line,
Regrets, a few, but not too many,
Cause I'd a played here for a penny.
Repeat Chorus


Bringin' It Back was my first album, sadly, not a great production. My next album, She Moves Me, includes two original tunes I wrote myself and one of which I've had lots of air play "I'd A Played Here For A Dime". The Album also includes another original tune "She Was Brutally Honest With Me" and a duet w/Pauline Reese "My Elusive Dreams", and a great Christmas song to boot with a little Elvis tempo beat to make it lively.

Set List

At least an hour and 15 min. per set. Songs are:
Lots of Waylon Jennings, Ray Price, Marty Robbins, Kris Kristofferson, Robert Earl Keen, John Hiatt, Van Morrison, Elvis Presley,