Ronnie Garcia

Ronnie Garcia

 Cortland, New York, USA

I'm an acoustic artist that combines the intensity and passion of Brand New with the odd accessibility of MGMT to create a sound that is raw yet memorable. I don't let my instrument choose my genre; no one plays guitar like me.


I've created a sound that dances through fast and fun riffs to catchy choruses and unique acoustic solos. My songs are about life; I put myself out there in hopes of connecting with a few people rather than generalizing to many.

I've shared the stage with Flyleaf, Avenge Sevenfold, Ed Kowalczyk (of Live), All That Remains, and A Day to Remember. ...It's pretty obvious I've won some online voting contests to appear at big festivals; I know, I know, I'm not fooling anyone.

I've also played countless bars, coffeehouses, and house shows while selling thousands of cds during the tours I took part in.

I love the complexity and math of hardcore bands like The Fall of Troy and The Bled but I'm also obsessed with the beautiful melodies and storytelling of Dallas Green and Tegan and Sara's folk pop. I incorporate these aspects into my sound to create something different and new.

I've been compared to Bright Eyes, Brand New, and The Fall of Troy.

I'm currently sponsored by Knucklehead Guitar Strings, Stoked Clothing, and I've recently signed to Hollowed Records.



Written By: Ronnie Garcia

If you ever want to feel complete, you'll go and find that missing puzzle piece.
The one you swept under the rug with all the other things you said you loved but got bored of.
Your colors faded along with the image we created.
So after cutting me out you pleaded for me not to go far; I'm wanted just not needed.

Well, I don't need another friend; truth be told, I've got an army of them.
You should've heard the things that they said; they said "We're never gonna let her happen to you again".

Devolving from a border. I know I was just a corner.
But I fit you and you fit me; that's all I ever needed, never knowing I was one of too many.
So to save the picture, you opted not to mold but to disfigure.
You kept me close but not close enough.
How long did you think it would take for me to turn into dust?

Cover where I used to be with a frame; it's a work of art but you just can't look it it the same way that you used to, that you used to, that you used to, that we used to.

And by now it shouldn't be a surprise, how all of our friends can't look you in the eyes. They'll see through you, they'll see through you, they'll see right through. Hell, most already do.

I Will Never

Written By: Ronnie Garcia

You say the stars are what make you demanding
I know, Libra's should be more understanding
I'll put up with your astrology
(even though your sign is stronger than me)
but I will never get on my knees for you

You say that I'm too distant to be trusted
I blame the guilt you feel for times you lusted
Project whatever you want on me
but don't expect I'll take it seriously
cause I will never get on my knees for you

You know that you're the only one that I see
You know too many ways to drive me crazy
You know I love you so I do what I can
to put up with it but please understand:
that I will never get on my knees for you.

Keep It Alive

Written By: Ronnie Garcia

I've funneled myself down a path
Made choices, some I can't get back
Paid years for a permission slip
to find work and make use of it
So I can make some money just to pay back all the money that I know

I reach for my guitar and play
the songs that get me through the day
A melancholy note rings out
but mostly the music's about
destroying self pity; oh come one, let's find a way to live it well

It isn't drugs, it isn't luck, it isn't fame, it isn't much
it's just a combination of friends and if your fridge is full enough
and music helps to pass the time
and hold your hand, and change you life
that sort of thing

So keep it alive and it will chase all your cares away

I've searched but I'm still tryin to find
the purpose in this life of mine
I know I was put here to love;
that's not what I'm speaking of
How is it that I, with all the blessings in my life, don't have a clue?

I've tried my best to empathize, assimilate, and synthesize
but everything I tried to make is anything but more mistakes
What is it we bought with our opportunity cost? I'll let you know.


Written By: Ronnie Garcia

Come step into this cavern that I've built
the lanterns hanging cast our shadows through the dust and all the silt
I don't recall what has become of thee
I once loved with the sun but now, she is afraid of me

The tide comes in so many waves
The wind blows and wrecks what it takes
And I love in too many ways
And I know that this ain't my place

Trapped inside, never again will I go forth
The choice was mine but her fear of me shouldn't keep the world from warmth
I know I don't belong here in this cave
I am restless; I am lifeless, but I am content knowing out there she is safe

The tide comes in so many waves
The wind blows and wrecks what it takes
And I love in too many ways
And I know that this ain't my place


Written By: Ronnie Garcia

I'm moving through life in a bad way
cause it's the only path to the good things
but doing so I know, that I don't deserve them

She's young yet jaded but still unknowingly fragile
and I don't know if I can carry her to him..
without crushing her on the way

If I can succeed as a vessel, maybe some day I'll get a crew
If I can coax this one gently, maybe I'll convince myself she'll do
I stain my hands with every failure I make to get them here
I'm done waiting for a lover, I'm simply hoping for a peer

I'm opening up my eyes wide to try to take in the whole picture
even though I know I won't like what I see
I was always told to be careful; to never give in
but there I stood with my flag down and watched him win the war

And I know that you feel this, maybe more than I do
If we take this one slowly, maybe you can learn to love me too
You've thrown around all my pieces that you once made into a whole
and I'm not hooping for a "Sorry", I'm only searching for your soul

I gave you myself... or all that I could
I feel your heart beat no longer for me.


Elle EP (2005)
Single: Silver Medal

What Distortion Has Hidden EP (2006)
Single: Purgatory

I Wasn't Born A Chauvinist Pig LP (2007)
Singles: Platonic, All That Echoes

Minimalist EP (2010)
Singles: The Allure, Meekness

Not an Excuse but a Reason EP (2011)
Single: I Will Never

(All singles have had airplay on various radio stations, including KRock 100.9-106.5 FM and WQKE 93.9 FM)

Set List

To Be True
I Wasn't Born A Chauvinist Pig
Dropped Down
I Will Never
White Picket Fence
Keep It Alive
All That Echoes
Sorry My Darling