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Ronnie Kelly


eGive him a little chance... author: Eric Enright One of the best albums I've come across in a while, New York Behind Bars is a very strong first record from singer-songwriter Ronnie Kelly. Songs range from the uptempo, celebratory "City Lights" to the melancholy musings of "Francis Hughes


"New York Behind Bars" by Ronnie Kelly took us on an emotional journey of interesting stories written this Dublin born Singer/Songwriter. This album does a great job of showcasing Ronnie's strong songwriting skill and passionate vocals. Most of the album features acoustic guitar and vocals, and adds in some other interesting acoustic instruments. The lyrics on the CD are very personal yet are relevant for all of us. The relatively simple instrumentation and production allows Ronnie's visual and emotional songwriting to effectively paint musical scenes. "Down the Right Road" builds into a strong full-band groove and features well-blended harmonies. "Francis Hughes" nicely blends in bagpipe with string arrangements. "I Was There" is an emotional number that hits the heart of anyone who has been faced with substance abuse directly or through a friend. Fans of contemporary singer-songwriters will enjoy this impressive CD.
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debut album ; new york behind bars
Album Song LIst ;
1 . Give Me A Little Chance
2. City lights
3. Down The Right Road
4. Danze
5. Francis Hughes
6. I Was There
7. Nice Day
8. Full moon
9. Fallen Down
10. Your Eyes

Set List

all my songs with a few covers which makes it 1 to 2 hours