Ronnie LeBlanc

Ronnie LeBlanc


Pure energy packed into a huge eclectic arsenal of original music, written by this chaotic, hypnotic & dedicated performer... We deliver it in Electric or Acoustic form, we adapt to all situations, crowds and needs...


Ronnie LeBlanc's BIO

Real life, real words, real songs of every nature

Since 1991 Toronto born Ronnie LeBlanc has been shouting his songs from the stage. He is both known for his insane stage performance & his eclectic and unique style of songwriting. Some fans even say that it is almost mesmerizing! Weather its electric or an acoustic night he will steals your mind. Others say that he leaves you in a trance and keeps you coming back to the edge of your seat to see what happens next.

This diverse songwriter has no boundries and writes songs from every genre, rock , blues, acoustic, folk, jazz, country, metal & Spanish rhythms. The songs are accompanied by worldly concerns and up front honesty for the world as he sees it to be, delivered by his unique style of lyrics & powerful singing voice. His influences range from Pink Floyd to Metallica, Johnny Cash to AC/DC, Mozart to Slayer, Simon & Garfunkal to Led Zeppelin, and BB King to The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

This ECMA winning songwriter has performed live on many national television programs such as "The Mike Bullard Show", "ECMA Awards" "Much Music" & "Music Plus". Since 1991 Ronnie LeBlanc has shared the stage with big acts such as CCR, April wine, The Tea Party, Kim Stockwood, Natalie McMasters, Lenny Gallant, Alana Miles and played live on the same set as Paul Stanley of KISS on the "Mike Bullard Show" in Toronto.

This Canadian Recording Artist will simply amaze you. Once you have seen him live you will never forget his name. He is a story, a path, a journey, with the energy of a nuclear bomb! In fact...

he is the bomb.


What if

Written By: Ronnie LeBlanc

What if
Verse I
From one friend to another, what can we do for mankind?
And from one brother to another, can we proclaim peace of mind
We don’t care if we use..., and we don’t care if we abuse
Can we not make a truce?
What if the world should die?
What if we could literally touch the sky, my, my
What if, what if, what if we destroy all we know?
Verse II
From one enemy to another, Can we stand each other lies
From one soldier to another, haven’t we seen enough death pass us by
Enough blood has been shed, enough people are dead
Let’s clear this thing from our head
Verse III
From one hand to another
Let’s pass the flame of unity
From one mouth to another
Let us kiss the Goddess of serenity, yeah!

6ft deep

Written By: Ronnie LeBlanc

6ft deep

Should‘a gave up all of the things that I did wrong in life.
Should‘a gave up all of the wrong, the wrong, oh the wrong that killed the right.
This is me my tale is short but I hope ya all agree.
That. I’m not a “total disgrace” in this society.

Can you see me?
I ain’t six feet deep

Should’a took all the things I wanted.
Should’a took the things I needed.
Should’a took everything that mattered most in this despicable world.
Should’a paid all of my taxes!
Should’a gave up on my ways.
Should’a gave up all of the wrong in life.
Contributing to the haze.

Oh can’t you see me.
I ain’t six feet deep.

Shouldn’t of gave up on you.
Instead I got high all the time.
Should’a gave up all of the booze, the booze.
Should’a sank all of my wine.
Should’a gave up on my cigarettes!
Should’a gave up on my dope.
Should’a gave up on everything in life that I didn’t need to cope.

Oh can’t you see me.
I ain’t six feet deep.

Wait up

Written By: Ronnie LeBlanc

Wait up

Can you stop!
And wait a minute?
Can you please wait up!
Cause this emptiness is filling me up
Like a cuffed in dying need of a starve.


And the life inside of me,
Is aching to be free,
And there’s not a soul who can take this out of me.

Can you stop!
And wait a minute?
Can you please wait up!
Cause this emptiness is filling me up
Like a cuffed in dying need of a starve

Ronnie LeBlanc 2006 © All Rights Reserved

I'm a train

Written By: Ronnie LeBlanc

I’m a train

Got my engines on my belly’s full of coal
The throttles pushin 90 and there’s plenty to go
Got a thousand miles before me but I’m not looking back
I ain’t stopin for nothing so get off the tracks
I’m like an insane freight train there’s nowhere to hide
I’m full steam ahead all joking aside
If ya mess with this your in for a climb
All aboard this locomotive
Either on or off this ride…


I’m a train…

No stops on this collision I’m aimin for the heart
Not a soul can stop this thing they’re just simply torn apart
High beam in their eyes like a passin car.
If you saw the caboose you should count your lucky stars
I’m like a jet packed pack sac ready to go
I’m derailed detail ready to flow
The rest of the world is moving to slow
I’m like a nuclear bomb can you see me glow?


Farewell to the slackers who spoke of me
So long to the wrong who stuck with grief
Goodbye to the sty and its filthy haze
I got a rendezvous ticket… one way
I’m not a mundane freight train I‘m keeping on track
Got the needle in the red no time for slack
If you come with me you won’t make it back
Full steam ahead until the engine cracks


Ronnie LeBlanc 2006 © All Rights Reserved

Shot down

Written By: Ronnie LeBlanc

This is unholy, A sin far to large to be forgiven
The chances of redemption you ask, Well I answer you this...
Verse I
A young boy, one young girl and a preacher
One tourist, three school kids and a teacher
All of them wanted life
While you were aiming
Did you see that? The innocent!

Shot down
Verse II
One toppled carriage a mourning mother one stray bullet
One closed eye an aiming eye an empty pulpit
While you were waiting, along came your victim
When you fired that bullet, did your gun smoke of truth?

Verse III
Unpracticed unstable yet so willing
An itchy finger was it a reflex or just fulfilling
The juries waiting and they want you, yes they see you.
From an empty chamber to the gas chamber, your through!
Ronnie LeBlanc 2006 © All Rights Reserved

The empty anti-christ

Written By: Ronnie LeBlanc

Empty Anti-Christ

It is unholy
It rests beneath Satan’s wings
A puppeteer of an insane play
It is he who pulls the strings

(Chorus 1)

He is the anti-Christ

He has his sworn disciples
Mescaline, needles and cocaine
He flourishes off the open minded
The one’s who believe they are saved

(Chorus 2)

He is the anti-christ
King of evil the empty anti-christ


Find in thee thy god
Ward off this evil spawn
And your acceptance should be limited
And should be of no flaw

(Chorus 3)

Make haste and beware the anti-christ
Lord of evil the empty anti-christ
Find your way to the light
And find righteousness and insight
Burn the wings off this parasite
The anti-christ

Ronnie LeBlanc 1990 - 2007 © All Rights Reserved


Live Acoustic Show (2007) TBA
Jack Slap's Magic Hat (2007)
An Acoustic Sin Live (2001)
Erase The Sky (1996)
Of Four Corners (1998)

Set List

All original songs 2 or 3 1hr Sets
Electric or Acoustic Performances upon request!

Just tell us what you prefer and we will adapt to all.

Set 1

1.6ft deep
2.A time
4.Big jib
5.Black tinted windows
6.Carry me
11.Goin to hell
12.I am free

Set 2

1.I won’t change
3.It will be I
4.Je suis sauvage
5.Like that like this
8.Mississippi moon
9.Moscow mosh
10.Not gods
11.Only I
12.Quarter century old

Set 3

3.Take me to a better day
4.That’s me
5.The appraisal
6.The green
8.Wait up
11.What if
12.Whiskey bottles
13.Who are you