Ronnie Minder

Ronnie Minder


Epic melodies mixed with fresh ideas and creativity, coming from a man who doesnt know how he's doing it!


After years of experience and many successful releases in the dance music genre, Ronnie finally changed to film music. Being one of the most creative heads in dance music Ronnie is about to take over another genre by storm. His chart topping dance releases made it into several official charts from all across the globe and all his songs were selected to be on more than over 300 compilations worldwide.

Ronnie's first ever film music song called Godspeed was and still is being supported by Logie and Aria winner Jonathon Welch. Godspeed opened the Choir of hard knocks concert at Vodafone Arena in Melbourne and is currently being transformed into a pop hymn.

Ronnie's unique style of music got him his first contract to make music for a Melbourne based science fiction movie.

Ronnie's music is also gonna be used for many several projects including TV, Documentations and photo exhibitions.


Countless releases as a dance music artist! And currently working on his first soundtrack for a Melbourne based science fiction movie!