Ronnie Owens

Ronnie Owens


I compose melodic, insightful and witty songs on acoustic guitars I built myself. James Taylor, John Denver, Dan Fogelberg and J. S. Bach are among my influences.


I grew up in East Texas in a family to whom music was an important part of everyday life. My dad started building guitars in the 60's and continues to inspire me. I came to Colorado in the summer of my 23rd year (I beat John Denver by 4 years!) and once I finally got my life sorted out, guitars and songs that had rattled around in my brain for 45 or 50 years started coming out. I play local venues here in Fort Collins and enjoy associating with a wonderful group of local talented songwriters.


I'm working on my first album of original material which should be released by the end of 2007. The album is to be called "Refuge" after the title song posted here on sonicbids.

Set List

A typical set list includes original songs called "Metal Cocoon", "How Long Will it Be?", "From Time to Time", "September's Song", "Winter Solstice Ride", "One Step at a Time" and "The Kingfisher". I cover "You've Got a Friend", Steve Goodman's "Real Life", Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock", Don Henry's "Mr. Putty", Steve Seskin's "It's a Jungle" and Dan Fogelberg's "Leader of the Band".