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Ronnie Saponaro

Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, United States

Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, United States
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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May 19, 2010
For Immediate Release


Ronnie Saponaro’s “Forever” is a contemporary classic, bursting with potential as a perennial wedding favorite. Saponaro’s satin-smooth voice reaches hearts and minds, stirring emotion deep within young and old alike. No other song of recent years so elegantly captures the flood of emotions accompanying a marriage: the partnership, the romance, the respect, and as Ronnie puts it, “the feeling that your heart would fall to pieces at the mere thought of not being able to stand at the side of your loved one for a lifetime.”

Beyond his well-honed vocal abilities and skilled sense of classic song craft, what sets Ronnie Saponaro’s music apart is his honest approach and lack of guile. “I want “Forever” to serve as an instrument of inspiration and light -- the song has a spiritual root, and through it I'm hoping to send the message of an endless love. There is so much indulgence in music now. I want to bring it back to basics with beautiful lyrics and heart, focusing on the things that that truly matter in life -- while making people smile along the way.”

Of course, a modern classic like “Forever” doesn’t simply appear out of nowhere; while his name may be new to many, Ronnie is far from new to music. Saponaro boasts a lifetime of experience, including an extensive background in musical study, competition, and performance, and has composed an album’s worth of songs ready to be recorded – “I’m hoping that "Forever" will give me a jumpstart so that someday I will be able to bring this album to life.”

Ronnie describes how he wrote "Forever": “A couple of years ago, I was asked to sing at a friend’s wedding. I sat on my front porch, looked out at the stars, and it came to me: to celebrate the event in a more personal manner, I would write about an endless love that transcends all boundaries. I pulled from my own life, thinking about the way I want to feel when I finally meet the person I want to spend my lifetime with. Thinking about what it feels like when one is moments away from the ultimate emotional connection of marriage: the anticipation, the feeling that ‘I've been waiting for this for a lifetime and now, my life is about to begin’. I thought about how my parents have overcome so much in their lifetime: their love has transformed in so many ways. They have been taking care of my mother’s sister Jo-Jo, who is special needs, for forty-three years and this love has come back to them, ultimately making the bonds of their marriage that much stronger.”

Helping Ronnie bring “Forever” to fruition is Producer/Arranger Bob Yen Jr. of MDI Productions playing keyboards and bass, Tom Corshia on drums, Kevin Murphy playing guitar, and Chip Allen producing the vocals. “Bob brought it to a new level. He wanted to make "Forever" a classic song that could last for generations. Chip helped me tune in to the song on both a physical and emotional level. The vision that I wanted to create would never have surfaced if it wasn't for both Bob and Chip. I am forever grateful for their help.”

Since writing “Forever” Saponaro has experienced firsthand the powerful reactions listeners have to the song. “I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback when performing the song at weddings. A lot of people find the lyrics very symbolic and very visual -- they can practically see the song coming to life before them, thinking about the importance of an everlasting love. The first time I sang it live, the groom remarked that it perfectly expressed his feelings — and the bride pointed out that the song has a great beat for slow dancing. Several guests have also requested that I sing at their own weddings, which was the biggest compliment that I could possibly get. I want people to feel their hearts when they hear this song, to be taken back to a time when they were filled with so much emotion that words couldn't express the way they truly felt.

“And when words aren't enough…there is music. That's the power of sound.”
- Northstar13 Publishing





In a day and age when music is all too often treated as a product created only to be sold, the heart and soul of Ronnie Saponaro shines through as a beacon of truth. Even at an early age, Ronnie knew his purpose in life lay in music: “I realized it when I first heard my grandmother, Evelyn, sing. She was a professional singer, and when she would sing to me, her voice touched me dearly. From then on I wanted to captivate people through the power of sound and to use my voice as an instrument of healing.”

Saponaro developed his talent via dozens of theatrical performances -- often singing onstage before thousands of audience members -- and soon decided to take a shot at the big time: “After years of endless productions, competitions, and classes, I ventured west in hopes of making it big.” However, despite recording a full-length CD and filming a music video, he soon found himself disenchanted. “Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out. Eventually I packed my bags, and once I got back to Boston I did some real thinking. I began to ask myself pivotal questions; I wanted to discover who and what I really was. I wanted to find my own voice, and the only way was taking the time to discover myself. During this much-needed time away I created my life story, writing lyrics and melodies for an entire album of music. I never knew how powerful music was until I really took the time to let it enter my life. When one goes on automatic bouncing from show to show like I did, it becomes more of a chore than a pleasure. But the moment I took pen to paper and began writing “Forever,” I knew that it was time.”

This deep-rooted musical connection is evident in every note Saponaro sings: “I’ve never lost my faith in music. I feel spiritually connected with the power of sound. I just feel this is what I was born to do, like it was predestined.” While many of today’s current performers seem focused only on their own finances and fame, Saponaro has never lost sight of his goals: “I really want to create music that drives and motivates people. As a performer, I want to help bring out the best in people and influence all ages -- from six to sixty -- to keep growing. It’s a tough feat, but I know that is my life purpose.”

Fortunately, Ronnie has a bottomless well of inspiration. “When composing my songs, it’s like I program the melodies to give me – and my listeners – motivation, drive, and reasons to push even harder in life. I'm definitely influenced by music that builds and overflows with emotion, especially songs based on heavy guitar and piano. I love music with a message, especially pop with a melancholy tone that can be inspiring and sad at the same time, and I love inspirational music. Some might say to stick to just one genre, that someone who jumps around isn't sure of himself. Well, now that I know who I am, I want to show everyone the range of my abilities -- because I have finally found my voice.”

Perhaps the best way to sum up Ronnie Saponaro is as an honest man, making honest music: “I’m trying to be true to myself. I would love to give you some elaborate, larger-than-life story but the fact is, this is me: a singer who is trying to get to the souls of my listeners, one song at a time. I want my music to be authentic and relatable to people. I’m not looking for some ‘flash in the pan’ moment, because in the end, it’s more than just a voice, a lyric, or background music, it’s the heart and passion behind it that makes a song an imprint of your life. I want to sing to heal, to make people think --- and ultimately, to change lives.”