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The best kept secret in music



"His latest is Valentine Roadkill and it purrs like an old Chevy that just got the hell tuned out of it. Elliott lives in Tampa and is one of those unpretentious fellows who plants his two feet on the ground and serves up that three-chords-and-the-truth thing that anybody who loves real music will respond to. His sound is a mix of country, folk and blues where the colors bleed together and are always ragged around the edges." - Tony Peyser

"MOJO Magazine"

"Craggy but literary country blues like Jerry Lee Lewis if he were a beat poet or Townes Van Zandt with a Ph.D." - MOJO

"Billboard Magazine"

"He was insurgent country before insurgent country was cool." - Billboard

"Tampa Tribune"

"Ronny Elliott was playing country rock before there was country rock." - Tampa Tribune

"Third Coast Music"

"Ronny Elliott should be among the first to be inducted into an Americana Hall Of Fame." - John Conquest


"If the opening Huey P Meaux inspired Valentino's Dream - a weary American romantic's disillusionment with the modern world that features a mournful blues sax break - was the only cut here, it would be still worth the full price. Consider the further 12 tracks a bonus from God then." - Mike Davies

"Rolling Stone Germany"

"He's made another masterpiece record." - RSG

"No Depression"

"This is stirring stuff." - ND

"Fresh Air"

"This is the kind of record that defines an entire career." - NPR

"Billings Gazette"

" Half the songwriters in Nashville would sell their mother's soul for even one of the songs that Elliott seems to toss around like peanut shells.
- BG


Valentine Roadkill (2005)

HEP (2003)

Magneto (2002)

Poisonville (2001)

My Nerves Are Bad Tonight (1999)

A Postcard From Jack (1998)

Ronny Elliott and the Nationals (1997)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Some lights flash and some bones shatter. Some eyes are made for rolling. Rock'n'roll was born in 1947. Ronny Elliott was, too, in Birmingham, Alabama.
By the time his tonsils were removed and the second grade was underway the little tyke had moved with his mother and grandmother to sunny Florida.
Hank Williams had automatically played when the radio came on in Birmingham. By 1955 Maxine Elliott had begun to bring home 45's of Big Joe Turner, Roy Brown and Wynonie Harris for her eight year old. The proverbial first guitar came into play around this time. In 1956 she took him to a show called "The Biggest Rock'n'Roll Show Of 1956," at the armory in Tampa. What an understatement. Stars included Bill Haley and the Comets, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, Big Joe Turner, Lavern Baker, the Platters, the Teen Queens, Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters and Bo Diddley. Ronny never recovered.

Later, Elvis offered to teach him karate. Jackie Wilson showed him his scars. He was assigned the task of holding up Jimi's Marshall cabinets in case he whacked them after opening a show for him. Chuck Berry invited him to visit at his Berry Park amusement center, boasting, "There's only one cop in Wentzville and I've got Polaroids of him." This is just a smattering of the tall tales that Elliott drops in describing a life lived for rock'n'roll. The hillbilly soul singer from Tampa, Florida has been at it for nearly forty years.

Over the years, Ronny Elliott has shared bills with such acts as Van Morrison, Chuck Berry, Joe Ely, Patti Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Gene Vincent, the Allman Brothers, Kasey Chambers, Bo Diddley, Sly & the Family Stone, and many others.

He has recorded with various groups and as a solo artist for both major and minor record labels since the mid-60's.

Ronny has played in venues, grand and grimy, all over the US and Europe.
His work is an acquired taste or just weird, depending on whom you ask. TIME OUT LONDON ponders the proportions of his audience and concludes that, "He don't suck no corporate cock. He won't pull his panties down for just anyone."
The primitive rocker considers that he is nearing his prime. He's released six cd's in the last eight years and is currently working on two new ones as well as a dvd. He has played festivals across the states and Europe and claims to enjoy his work at some mystical level. It all sounds like crap but the old guy seems so damned sincere.