Ronny Munroe

Ronny Munroe


Ronny Munroe (The voice of Metal Church) is a dynamic performer with a very broad range that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. Ronny fuses melody with hard hitting rock in a way that will take your breath away. From the moment Ronny takes the stage he has the crowd's attention.


Ronny Munroe is a consummate professional in all musical arenas. His unique vocal style sets him apart from other singers and he brings something extraordinary to every song.

Ronny is a technically accomplished artist who has studied vocal and breathing techniques with Maestro David P. Kyle of Seattle and has learned the Seth Riggs speech level singing technique.

With over 30 years of musical experience, Ronny has performed alongside international recording artists, and has done over 3000 live performances including playing in Europe to over 60,000 people.

With countless hours in the studio and extensive local, national and international touring, Ronny is an in-your-face performer with a stage prowess that has been compared to some of rock and roll's greatest front men.

Ronny takes time out of his busy schedule with Metal Church and his solo album to make himself available for benefits and causes he believes in. He also mentors young bands and offers vocal lessons as his way of giving back.


Mirror of Lies

Written By: Ronny Munroe

When you look at yourself you can see a bewildering soul
A shell of a once stable man who's lost all control
You've journeyed so long now you've sealed all your plans
But when you look at your reflection you try to understand

In the mirror of lies

From the mystical gates of your past to the depths of the sea
No matter how hard you try things will be what they will be
When looking for secrets just close your eyes
You're searching for the answer but the answers are inside

In the mirror of lies

The spell is broken the scars will fade reflections of mistakes
You once made a pawn or a token
A king or a thief gaze into the mirror and believe ©


Internal Quest EP-2007 Ronny Munroe Solo Project
This Present Wasteland-2008 w/Metal Church
A Light In The Dark-2006 w/Metal Church
The Weight Of The World-2004 w/Metal Church

Set List

Metal Church's music as well as Ronny Munroe's new material, which will be included in his new album "The Fire Within", coming in Spring 2009.