Ron Phillips-Hill

Ron Phillips-Hill

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Adult Contemporary Pop music with electronic elements has maturity and mass appeal to reach the Adult Contemporary listener. As a writer, I try to keep myself versatile enough to be relevant to today's top music artists and consumer trends alike.


Ron Phillips-Hill is a singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist. Ron can best be described as a seasoned, versatile songwriter and performer with mass appeal to ages 18-35 with a pop/electronic edge while meeting the Adult Contemporary listener of 35+ with mass commercial appeal and maturity. Having worked over the past year with producer/artists >HITPLAY (Michael McDonald, Whitney Houston, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Michael W. Smith, DC Talk, Kelly King), Ron has crafted songs that are versatile enough to showcase his artistic style in his writing as well as his vocal ability to bring the commercial appeal to a great dance/pop song and his ability to deliver the vocal and artistic passion to a great storytelling contemporary country/pop tune like "Daddies Don't Let Go", an original song, Ron wrote about his own father's experience of separation and reconciliation from his son. Ron's musical influences are as versatile as his writing talent, including Rascal Flatts, Elton John, Dallas Holm, The Eurythmics, The Killers, Hall & Oates, Billy Joel, The Bee Gees, Journey, Kenny Rogers, Michael W. Smith, Train, and Lionel Richie, just to name a few.


My Way Back Home

Written By: Ron Phillips-Hill

V. 1 (Male Vocal)
Believe it or not, I could feel your pain
Whenever I walked away, I couldn’t bear the shame
If I’d only known how it would make you feel
Wondering what was real, maybe I would have stayed
And I never meant to hurt you
While I was breaking inside I tried to make it right

Baby, believe me when I say I never wanted it this way
I gave my best, then I left you all alone
But I was the one standing in the rain
While you were calling out my name
And I was trying to find my way back home

V2. (Female)
So many days we could not see beyond when everything felt so wrong
The moment was here and gone
And what might have been, now we will never know
All that we have to show are the years that we held on
I only wanted you to love me for the one that I was
But it never was enough
(repeat chorus)

(Female) If the eyes could only see what the heart believes
Then you’d know I was right here waiting patiently
(Male) And I never really wanted to see you cry
Or to ever hear you say the words goodbye
(Female) never say goodbye
(Male) Say goodbye

(repeat chorus)

(Male) It may be too late, but I want you to know
That I finally found my way back home

Daddies Don't Let Go

Written By: Ron Phillips-Hill


Married your momma on a dead end street
I never thought she'd ever keep you from me
But the nights get long, while I'm here holding onto a dream
It wasn't your fault that it didn't last
Sometimes the future is just echoes of our past
But if you knew me now, then you would see

That I'm not the man I was
Or the one I want to be
And when I look at your picture
Staring back at me,
There's an image of innocence and strength
That brings me to my knees


So close your eyes, and sleep tonight
And I'll be prayin' til morning' light
That someday soon you will know
Daddies don't let go
Until I see you, right here by my side
As we make up for all the lost time
May you always know, Even when you're grown
Daddies don't let go, No they don't

I heard you're married with a son on the way
Before you know it, you'll be a daddy one day
And you'll feel the love and joy, and the sorrows of pain
Maybe once you know the heart of a father for his child
You just might sit down and think of me awhile
And wonder if we meet, How sweet it's gonna be
I still wait for you

(Second Chorus)
So close your eyes, and sleep tonight
And I'll keep prayin' til morning light
That someday soon you will know
Daddies don't let go
Until you see me, right there by your side
As we make up for all the lost time
May you always know, Even though you're grown
Daddies don't let go, no they don't let go

Last week, got a letter in the mail
I can't explain it, all the feelings that I felt
When I saw your name, It brought me to tears
Reading your words, I could almost hear your voice
Back when you were three years old and daddy's little boy
Then I realized, the day was finally here
And all the prayers I prayed
Well, they never were in vain
Cause deep in my heart I knew
There'd be a day
When I'd see you coming around and I'd hear you say

(Third Chorus)
Open your eyes, yes it's me alright
I've been prayin' for the morning light
Someday soon you would know
That I never let go
And now we're standing, looking eye to eye
Making up for all the lost time
Holding each other close, cause we both know
Daddies don't let go, no they don't let go
Daddies don't let go
Don't let go


Written By: Ron Phillips-Hill

Words & Music By: Ron Phillips-Hill

I looked at you, tried to make you believe I was strong
When it was killing me inside
Those baby blues were piercing a hole through my heart
There was no place to run and hide
I’m sure you questioned a thousand times
What was the meaning of this goodbye

Did you breakdown, and wonder what life was about
As you watched me walk out the door
Still haven’t found the answer to why, but I don’t want to cry anymore
No I don’t want to cry anymore

If I could, I would take all the hurt from your heart
And shelter you from the rain
I’d make it good, and we never would be torn apart
From the life that we once embraced
If we could go back and start again
There’d be no more broken hearts to mend


You can close your weeping eyes, If I can’t be there with you tonight
I’ll come to you, carry you through in your dreams, That’s where you’ll find me
Did you breakdown….did you breakdown

Little Things

Written By: Ron Phillips-Hill

Words & Music By: Ron Phillips-Hill

Sometimes I want to hide myself away, then you speak the words I need to hear
You’ve got a way with your infectious smile, it’s a pure delight just to have you near me
I feel so lonely when you’re not around, I can’t believe that I finally found someone as good as you
And a love so true

It’s in the little things you do that makes me feel so strong
It’s in the little things you do that keeps me holding on and on and on
And when I see how much that you’ve given me, baby I am so amazed
And I can’t help but say, ooo I love you, yes I do

I never want to change a thing about, oh what you do when you look my way
You can be sure I’m never letting go, leaving you alone, I don’t want to live a
Day without you walking by my side, ‘cause your love always makes it right
When I stumble, when I fall, you’re there to help me through it all

I feel so lonely when you’re not around
Can’t believe I finally found someone as good as you, and a love so true


Daddies Don't Let Go - available on iTUNES as mp3 and Thumbplay as ringtone
Little Things (you do) - available on iTUNES as mp3 and Thumbplay as ringtone
Breakdown - available on iTUNES

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Set List

My typical set list includes all original songs with a total of 8-10 song in a set. Anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.