Ron Ragel and Vicki Hansen - IndiaJiva

Ron Ragel and Vicki Hansen - IndiaJiva

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IndiaJiva's music is based around classical Indian music, featuring an array of traditional and modern instruments and voice, performed by Vicki and Ron - and in collaboration with other musicians.


IndiaJiva's music is a bridge to the ancient wisdom of Vedanta and a journey into many other cultures and traditions; an expression of spontaneity and a joyful celebration of life. Ron Ragel is a musician, blending Indian, world and contemporary music genres. He is also an author, educator and life long student of sound, spirituality and consciousness. Born and raised in Sri Lanka he has travelled the world extensively including numerous pilgrimages to India in his quest for knowledge and an understanding of the great musical tradition and spirituality of India.
Vicki Hansen is an accomplished composer and musician who has several albums on national and international release, and has been credited on numerous film, television and theatre soundtracks. She is one of a rare breed of female didgeridoo players and has also trained in the North Indian Hindustani tradition of Classical Singing, establishing her as a highly unique artist. She is dedicated to the upliftment of consciousness through music and sound.


2005 - Shaman Woman -
2005 - Sacred Ragas -
2002 - ‘The Odyssey’,
1999 - Children of the Sun (Vicki Hansen) –
1998 - Dusk (Compilation) - ABC Records
1998 - The Music of Everyday Ecstasy - (compilation by Margot Anand) - springhill Records
1997 – Earth Heart (Vicki Hansen)
1997 - Sounds of An Ancient Land - released through Terra Australia
1996 – ‘Earthly Garden’ – (Vicki Hansen)
1995 – ‘Heaven Scent’ – (Vicki Hansen
1992 -Peace of Mind and Body" (Vicki Hansen)

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A combination of ancient chants, ragas, plus didgeridoo. Also with other musicians from around the globe playing indigenous and traditional styles, often 'jugal bandi', drumming and musical duels. Always get the audience up dancing! Multimedia presentation, with globally themed visuals.