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Ron-Ron is the premier Hip-Hop artist out of Kansas City, MO! Already having taken over KC Ron-Ron is setting up to storm the nation!


Take a tour through Kansas City streets and for sure you will hear lyrics bellowed by the ultra versatile RON-RON, born Ronald Frank White Jr. in the early 80's. A rebirth occurred in the 1990's when RON-RON embarked on a journey to chronicle all of his life experiences in rhythm and rhyme. He started out using tape recorders to loop beats to recording at world renowned studios in Los Angeles. His persistence and dedication to the love for his craft has facilitated tremendous growth . RON-RON has developed a diverse fan base which crosses all boundaries. His hit single, "Hey Honey" has become a slogan in Kansas City pop culture. The infections lingo is catching on all around, near and far. RON-RON's versatility is an asset for him. He can go from painting gritty and grimy murals with words to a cheerful, fun-loving, arrogant fly guy while stimulating his audience with catchy alliterations, metaphors and similes. As you skim his popular mixtapes, "Mr.NoItAll" , "FrankEinstien 2.0", and most recent "Skitzophrenic", his characters captures the listeners and narrates the entire experience. RON-RON's talent has afforded him the opportunity to open tours such as The Hypnotized Tour and Summer Jam. He has opened up for Rick Ross, Plies, Solja Boy, Hurricane Chris, Tech Nine, Young Rich the Factor, Jody Breeze, V.I.C. J.Diggs, Ridah J. Clyde of Thiz Entertainment, Franchise Boyz. His Myspace pages are loaded w/ hits and his self produced YouTube video titled "Hey Honey" has over 60000 plays to date. With outstanding internet numbers and a huge buzz Ron-Ron captured the eyes and ears of Dennis Blount C.E.O of Hush Entertainment and quickly pursued Ron-Ron to join his label. Ron-Ron has honed his craft and is now ready to break in the mainstream market.



MR. NO IT ALL-2008

FrankEinstien 2.0

Set List

The typical set for Ron-Ron is about 15-30 minutes. However Ron-Ron possesses enough material to perform a 60- Minute Set

The typical set culminates with his hit song "Hey Honey"