Ron Short and The Possum Playboys

Ron Short and The Possum Playboys

 Big Stone Gap, Virginia, USA

Featuring fiddle and "Hillbilly" accordion, the Playboys play a lively mix of "jam band" music from "swamp to swing" that sets feet tapping, hips swinging and people singing! Their music covers the full range of American musical styles, but the songs and interpretations are fresh and new !


The Possum Playboys are keeping alive and vibrant the tradition of bands that once traveled the backroads of America, playing music that pleases and satisfies the eternal human longing for companionship, dance and fun!

Featuring fiddle and "Hillbilly” accordion, the Playboys play a lively mix of “jam band” music from “swamp to swing”, “early rock to be-bop”---- that sets feet tapping, hips swinging, and people singing! The Possum Playboys are a hard working band that pride themselves on their ability to weave seamlessly in and out of musical genres while staying firmly rooted in the earthy tones of traditional Appalachian music. And, though the musical traditions may be familiar, the songs and interpretations are fresh and new!

The Playboys are 30-year Roadside Theater veteran singer/songwriter Ron Short on vocals, accordion, slide guitar and fiddle; Aaron Davis on guitar, vocals and percussion; Ben Mays on bass; Lisa Davis on rubboard, percussion and vocals.
For an evening of “Possum Wisdom”, dancing, original music and just plain fun, you’re gonna love The Possum Playboys!

“Betcha won’t be able to stay off the table!”



Written By: Ron Short

I was born on this bayou,
through God's good grace.
I swam in the river,
shrimped in the bay.
I tried to give back,
as much as I took away,
'cause I knew that my grandkids,
would need it some day.

Oh Louisana, our American dream,
C'est terrain est le notre aussi!
Oh, Louisana, our cajun queen,
All our tears can't wash you clean!

We came from the snow,
to this land of steam.
It tortured our lungs,
haunted our dreams.
We sang our songs of Evangaline,
Ce terrain etait le notre aussi.
Oh Louisana, our American dream.
They're chasing us off again!
Oh Louisana, our cajun queen.
All our tears can't wash you clean.

Hurricanes come,
and hurricanes go.
We stay right here,
and rebuild our homes.
But, they've poisoned the land,
and they've poisoned the sea.
There's no place to run,
Not even in dreams.
Oh Louisana, our American dream.
Ce terrain est le notre aussi!
Oh Louisana, our cajun queen,
All our tears can't wash you clean!

If John Prine Was My Friend

Written By: Ron Short

To err is human,
to forgive divine.
To write a perfect song,
you gotta be John Prine.
No way in hell,
I can be him.
But, maybe me,
and John can be friends.
If John Prine was my friend,
he could stop on by.
We'd have a beer,
talk about old times.
I'd sing my new song,
say, "Whatta, ya think of this?"
and he could tell me,
ever'thing I missed!

I've spent countless hours,
in agony,
searching for,
that ecstasy.
Wracked my brain,
for that perfect word.
I've just about shattered,
every nerve.

All I need,
is help sometimes.
To have Darrel Scott smile
at a perfect line.
Or maybe Rodney Crowell,
would call me up some time,
say, "Ron I need a little help,
with a rhyme!"

I got in my car,
drove to Lake Louise.
But, all I saw,
was water and trees.
Floated down the Green River,
searching for them snakes.
Guess that coal train,
hauled 'em all away.

If I could find an angel,
I'd move to Birmingham.
Blow up my T.V. ,
move back to the land.
Maybe I'll call up,
Iris Dement.
She seems to know,
how to talk to him.


Written By: Ron Short

Juliet tole Romeo, "I want a man with a plan."
Romeo tole, Juliet, "I plan to be your man.
I got breath sweet as roses,
look like Johhny Depp.
Got tears unashamed to be wept!"
"I want a house with a balcony'', Juliet said,
"and maybe you can help me with this student loan debt.
I don't wanna live in the country, cause I hate snakes.
Ever'time I look at you my body aches."

Come on, baby, let's move to France.
We'll learn to paint, we'll learn to dance.
We'll both live to a ripe old age,
take strolls down the Champs d'Elysse.

Bill never met a woman like Martha Jane.
She could drink him under the table, understood his pain.
When you become a legend, you lose your own name.
Now, its "Wild Bill" and "Calamity Jane".
Jane tole Bill, "I love you as much as can be it.
But, the writings on the wall,you just can't see it.
I don't care if you're holding aces and eights,
lets get outta here before its too late!"

Bonnie tole Clyde, "You're a loser and I know it,
but you're the only one who believes I'm a poet.
It ain't about money, it ain't about greed.
It ain't what we want, it's what we need."
Clyde tole Bonnie, "You're the only one,
who believes I know how to use this gun.
I can spell "B-A-N-K" but I can't read.
So everything you write looks like poetry to me."

You and I live our lives out loud.
We're like storm chasers, searching for a cloud.
Out of a clear blue sky, we can make it rain.
Golf ball sized hailstones of pain.
We're like Romeo and Juliet.
We're both alive, we just don't know it.
Like "Wild Bill" and "Calamity Jane"
driving headlong down a backroad toward a dead-end game.

When The Mountains Fall Down

Written By: Ron Short

Making love, is like a drop water.
in a hot frying pan.
One big si-z-z-zzle,
and that's the end.
And you say to yourself,
"Is that all there is?"
And you say to yourself'
"When can I do that again?"

Oh, where you gonna run?
where you gonna run?
Tell me where you gonna run?
Oh where you gonna run,
When the mountains fall down!

Money ain't nothing,
but a flash in the pan.
Soon as you get it,
it slips through your hands.
Can't buy you love,
can't buy you a friend.
Can't buy you one moment,
at the very end.

This ain't politics
or philosophy.
This is the water we drink,
and the air we breathe!

Power ain't worth nothing,
less you can give it away.
Cause that mob is gonna rise up,
one of these days.
You'll be hiding' in your bunker.
Learning how to pray.
You will run to the rock
and the rock will say,


Cities of Gold, June Appal 1979 (Artist)

Wings to Fly, Copper Creek 2001 (Artist, Producer)

Hobart Crabtree; Banjo Player Lonesome 2005 (Artist, Producer)

Songs of Coal, Lonesome 2008 (Artist, Producer) ( Grammy Nominee)

Driving "Round an Empty Town, Lonesome (Artist, Producer)

Appalachia; Music From Home, Lonesome (Producer) (Accompanying CD for PBS series , Appalachia; A History of Mountains and People)

Set List


1.Reuben’s Train---G
2.Mind Your Own Business---C
3. Hot Night On Greasy---D
4. Harlan County Line---G
5. Rooster Named Jack---C
6. Shake (Medley) ---C
7. That’s Enough of That Stuff---C
8. Jambalaya---C ***