Ron Steiner aka Just Like a River

Ron Steiner aka Just Like a River


Influenced by Bob Dylan, the Cramps, and Prince!


College student by day, folk singer at night, Ron Steiner has been writing songs for seven years. He lives and writes in the Pittsburgh region attending most open mics in the area. Ron Steiner's style is a modern folk driven by lyrics inspired by Jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder, The Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan. He has self released two EPs titled Steiner Street, and The Blue Squares of Pennsylvania, and appears on the Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle 2011 compilation CD available on CD Baby.

For the second year in a row, Ron Steiner has taken to the road with original songs and a new passion for the harmonica. His new project, Just Like a River, came about after realizing the complexity of human emotions, how it relates to nature, and in particular the life cycle of a river. This, he incorporates into his lyrics, surrounded by a driving acoustic guitar.

Ron Steiner has been inspired by a variety of music, writing, and cinema. Some of his favorites include the punk zine from the 90's Cometbus, French New Wave cinema, and postmodern novelist, Thomas Pynchon. What inspires Ron Steiner to write and perform his songs comes from his desire to give back to the community and to have a connection with the audience to create a more holistic experience.

He has played over 40 different open mic nights throughout the east coast including some notable venues such as Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, and The Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Ron Steiner is an unsigned artist that is sure to bring a new understanding to those who listen to his poetic lyrics and raspy vocal style.


Steiner Street, 2006

The Blue Squares of Pennsylvania, 2008

Pittsburgh Songwriter's Circle
Compilation CD available on CD Baby, 2011

Set List

Think Bob Dylan meets the Dead and they have a baby that looks like a cross between the singer from the Rolling Stones and the drummer from Against Me.