BandHip Hop

Ron Stopabul is a modern day Joseph who has had the dream of rapping since age 15.Through trials & tribulations,I have finally submitted to my calling to emcee-to minister through song the goodness of God,who has revelated I can do all things through Christ..making me unstopable-Ron Stopabul


To some I'm known as Evangelist Ron Dortch,assc minister of Providence Baptist Church,under the leadership of Pastor Derioux Johnson.To others I'm
known as Ron Stopabul the street Gospel spitter and yet others simply know me as DORTCH!Regardless of how you know me-know that I'm redeemed,bought with a price-Jesus has saved my whole life.My ministry is one that tells of struggle & submission,the grace & longsuffering of God and the urgency of salvation.I've been rapping nearly 20 years but through the renewing of my mind I've
been transformed from a rapper to a repper-repping the kingdom of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!Musically,I'm currently under the mentorship of Quentin"Q"Hill founder and owner of ON Q Studios home to:The Gatekeeperz,Nikki & Gro,J-Fraz,Phil Good,Bishop and myself.Q is also a lead
member of The Gatekeeperz.In short I'm just a lil country preacher using hip hop to reach a whole generation-short on patience-spreadin love instead of slugs into the ears of the youth-in spirit & truth,when you hear it-it's proof-thats who I am!


Pending,recording now.

Set List

I typically minster through a 3 to 4 song set,with
brief interludes guided by the Holy Spirit.My average set ranges between 15 to 25 minutes depending on th order of service.However i'm capable of holding down a 45 minute set if needed.