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roof rabbit


Roof Rabbit combines aspects of punk , blue grass, and indie to create a new style of music with a sound that instigates a foot-stomping, hand-clapping dance craze, often associated with fit's of hollerin'.


Redefining American Traditional

The oral transmission of knowledge, wisdom, and cultural ideals through generations was once the only means of passing down histories and traditions. To help spread these accounts, they were put to music. It was simple and pure, an honest reflection of life; it was the creation of traditional music, made timeless by simplistic song structures and messages of universal interest. Traditional music does not only include folk and bluegrass, but any music played from the heart and for the people. Classic country, jazz, blues, and hip-hop are all incorporated under the genre of American traditional as well. Even punk—loud, often angry and political, epitomized by simplistic song structures and instrumentation, and played by strong-willed idealists and part-time musicians—can be considered traditional music. In a society obsessed with ignorance and pop-culture, today’s songwriters and musicians seem drunk with self-worship and money. How many epic stories have already been lost to the steady onslaught of corporate-born “bands” and the blaring sounds of mass urbanization? We need real songs, written by real people, in celebration of the real American dream.
Roof Rabbit (Auburn, Alabama) aims to answer this need with a combination of punk, bluegrass, and indie rock; a new style of music—punkgrass— with a simplistic, raw sound that instigates a foot-stomping, hand-clapping dance craze, often associated with fits of hollering, and lyrics that provide an anthem for a generation lost in the struggle for love, money, and power.
Roof Rabbit is currently setting up several regional tours to help promote the release of their second full-length CD, The Huffenfuss, released on w6 Records April 2008. And, of course, new buttons, stickers, t-shirts, and other handmade artwork will also be available at every performance.
It’s been a productive first year for Roof Rabbit. They stay busy playing regularly on the Alabama bar circuit, taking weekend trips to perform abroad as much as possible. In the midst of playing shows at bars like Lenny’s in Atlanta, Georgia, and Egan’s in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Roof Rabbit has also found time to perform at charity events such as a benefit show for The Eyedrum (Atlanta, GA), a Jerry’s Kids fundraiser at Lil’ Tony’s Country Store (Clanton, AL), and a King’s Ranch fundraiser rodeo (Alexander City, AL). They also frequently perform at art exhibitions in private galleries like the Gulf Art Space (Fairhope, AL) and Standard Deluxe (Waverly, AL). In July 2007, the band spent a week driving to Lawrence, Kansas, and back, playing a show every day of the trip. After this successful tour, Roof Rabbit plans to go on at least a two-week tour every year, along with their usual weekend excursions.
Roof Rabbit is spending April promoting their new CD, The Huffenfuss—handmade and released by w6 Records, an independent record label owned and operated by Roof Rabbit banjo player Jason McGee. Their complete tour schedule for April is listed below.


Banjo and Jack

Written By: Roof Rabbit

He’s two-and-a-half,
just look at those teeth.
He spent his whole life out on the street.
He’s always looking for something to eat.

He can’t be taught;
he can’t be told.
Nothin’s strong enough to make him fold.
It’s so hard to tell the stubborn from the bold.

He digs in the trash.
He sleeps in the dirt.
I can’t believe that someone would desert
him. Nothin’ that you say to him will hurt.

But there ain’t no heart in this one
that feeds on fear.
No, there ain’t no heart in this one
that pumps blood for a savage spirit.

He spent his life
in county jail.
Everybody feared that he would fail
them, so no one would come to go his bail.

He played it cool;
he did it right.
But the kicking left him with recurring night-
mares. Every time he sleeps he’s gotta fight.

Now he doesn’t trust
If you walk up on him he’ll just scream and run
at you. You’d think that he would kill you just for fun.

But there ain’t no heart in this one
that feeds on fear.
No, there ain’t no heart in this one
that pumps blood for a savage spirit.


Written By: Roof Rabbit

You can have a place in that stack of boxes,
crammed all along the busy street
filled with the sound of scraping metal
screaming through crowds of stomping feet.

And at night you can go out to a smoke-filled room
that’s so loud you can’t talk to the girls you want to meet.

And it takes so long
to see where you’re really gonna go.
Yeah, you’ll make some wrong
decisions as you go down the road.

I’ll take a house with a field and some trees,
enough to shelter mine and me,
with room to spread out and maybe
have our own kind of family.

And we’ll just have to dig out in the yard
any time we need more food to eat.

And it takes so long
but just wait and you might see,
with the perfect one,
just how right it can be;
just how right it can be.


Written By: Roof Rabbit

Please say you’ll never leave me,
we’ll be together eternally,
that no one else can turn you on
quite like I do. No, not like I do.

I don’t want to be alone any longer.
I’m so tired of feigning love for her.
Please say you’ll come home and we can start all over.
I don’t want what we were.
No, I don’t want what we were.

Please believe me, I’m a changed man
who’ll never raise a jealous hand.
I’d rather worry than not have you,
so quit stalling and say you do.

Let’s get married
and run so far away just you and me.
We’ll start our new life when I make you my wife.
I promise you’ll always be happy.
Yeah, I promise you’ll always be happy.

Two : Snake eyes

Written By: Roof Rabbit

Aidan, screaming her head off;
red face glowing in her pin.
She can’t communicate her needs
to the fullest extent just yet.

Kenda said she already
fed her and to ignore her cries.
It’s been 45 minutes.
Will it ever be quiet in here?

The phone looks just like a bottle
in Aidan’s developing eyes.
Put it in her face and watch her
try to drink from the antenna.
Give her a bottle of water,
see how fast she sucks it down.

Either her mom forgot to feed her
because she’s such a busy woman,
or Aidan’s growing so fast
she’ll be 5 feet tall by the time she’s 9.

Give her a bottle of formula,
burp her, and put her down
for a nap in her cradle.
It’s finally quiet in here.


Man'coon - EP
The Huffenfuss- LP

Set List

Our full setlist consists of 32 songs, lasting about 1.5 hours. We play shorter, 30-45 minute, sets as well. These usually consist of 10-15 songs. ALL ORIGINAL!