Rooftop Vigilantes

Rooftop Vigilantes

 Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Like the Kinks pissed off.


In April 2008, Zach Campbell, Seth Wiese and Oscar Allen Guinn got lost on their way to watch a softball game. Never finding it, they bought some beer, went home, and began constructing the songs that would become their foundation. When I say foundation, I mean to say they wrote 4 songs in about 2 hours. This is a (sometimes frustrating) habit they still hold on to quite furiously. Infusing sweet 60’s-esque melodies with garage and punk rock sensibility, Rooftop Vigilantes’ sound could be described as “well, they rip off ZZ-Top”. Mind you, that would be a very poor description, but if you really wanted to, you could say that. By adding the lovely Hannah Hyde on Farfisa before their second show they completed the perfect band. They were perfect before, just not complete. Now they are both.


Carrot Atlas LP (2009)
Who Stole My Zoo? cassette (2010)
Real Pony Glue (TBA)
Party Animal 7" (TBA)

Set List

Our set is anywhere from 25-35 mins and normally includes a cover.