Room 30

Room 30


ROOM 30 - entertaining audiences in Rochester, NY and increasingly throughout the northeast, playing an up-beat original blend of rock/indie/reggae/punk.


If there's one thing that can be said about Room30—and really, there's vastly more—it's that the guys are tireless. Despite three years of changing line-ups and continuous gigging, the band's members still exemplify their music: upbeat, energetic and possessing an unpredictable edge that leave fans in a frenzy.

Founded in 2004 as a two-piece, Room30—named after the band's first practice space—spent two years growing in size and musical breadth, eventually rounding out at four members with the addition of a horn. In 2006 the quartet, whose catchy original tunes set them apart in Rochester's cover-heavy music scene, rose to prominence with its unique blend of rock, ska, reggae, funk and punk. They played more than 50 shows in the area (in 2006 alone) —including a seven-week residency at trendy Soho East, along with headlining gigs at Water Street Music Hall and High Fidelity (formerly Milestones)—and made main stage appearances at Rochester's massive Ten Ugly Men and East End festivals.

Now the band aims to build on their strong Rochester presence by bringing their live show and self-titled EP on the road. With tour stops throughout the northeast and a couple of key line-up changes, 2007 was an exciting and steady year. With the coming of 2008, the band looks to gain regional notoriety through continued to growth in songwriting, musicianship and performance.


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Demo (2004)
Self-Titled EP (Spring 2006)
Demo ( Fall 2007)

Set List

Room30 typically performs an industry-standard 35 to 45 minute set. All music is original.