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"It's a squeeze, but there's Room 4 1 More!"

Torbay band, Room 4 1 More, are on a mission this year to play more gigs than ever before.

Although the four friends weren't around the first time punk was making our eardrums bleed, they're determined to realise their music dream.

Adam Bates plays guitar and sings: "We've known each other for years and we want to play as much as possible."

The Torbay outfit certainly have youth and energy on their side as none of them is over 25.

Adam says: "We have to work as well as gig, we just can't afford not too, so long journeys to play are normal."

He adds: "If people know we've made the effort they kind of appreciate it a little bit more."

Their music is described as fast melodic punk, but the band say they take their influences from all over the place.

"I like the Cure", says Adam, "we listen to old metal bands as well as Californian punk bands like Pennywise, Bad Religion and Rise Again."

The other three members of Room 4 1 More are Lee Harbron on bass and vocals, Luke Shaw on guitar and vocals and Gray Kenchington on drums.

They've been at school together, skated together, hung out together and now they play music together.

It's a collaboration which seems to have worked well and looks like it's going from strength to strength.

With two tours lined up for 2010 and the recording of a new demo CD the band are hoping to break into something big.

They've already got about 10 new tracks to challenge their audience.

From a song about a band member's experience in New York - that was Adam and he loved it - to the trials and tribulations of growing up, their lyrics cover life.

"Luke and I moved out of home on bad terms, " says Adam, "so we wrote a coming of age song about it really.

"It was about proving to our parents that we can make something of ourselves and that's what we're doing.

"We all get along together now."

Catch this energetic foursome at a Devon venue near you and pogo if you dare.

Listen to their brand new track from March 2010, It's About to End. - BBC Devon


R41M Demo - 2005
Better Late Than Never EP - 2010



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