Room 4

Room 4


Diverse. Unique. Melodic chord progressions intertwined with catchy lyrics, good hooks, and good harmonies. All bands hate to describe themselves. We hope our music speaks for itself.


Room 4 started a few years ago when two washed up hockey players decided to go back to their musical past and cover the songs that they loved from the 90's. After a few open mic nights they were instantly well liked and started writing some of their own songs. Soon they found a sweet drummer (Aram), and an energetic bass player (Jay) who greatly suited their music. Room 4 toured for over a year playing at various venues around the Boston area being known to bring a great crowd and strip the bars of all their alcohol. Just as Room 4 earned the respect of getting regular shows at local venues, they faced a few band problems which left them without a bass player and second guitarist. Pat and Aram decided while searching for new members, they'd record some of their best tracks in the studio and play some acoustic shows. In the fall of 2006, Room 4 found the members they needed to tour once again. They found a bass player named Chuck who's been a successful musician for years along with a lead guitar player named Tom who fills in the missing peices of Room 4's music. Room 4 has a great passion for their own music in which they hope for great success someday, but in the mean time they’re the most down to earth, up for anything type of band who just wants to play and have a great time doing it!


You Win

Written By: Room 4

I'm sick of tryin
when all you do is look away
it's not my problem
so i'll sit and wait for another day cause
i wish i knew, what it is about you that keeps me here
you got me living, everyday with all this fear

cause i see your changing
and i see your faces
just don't make your biggest mistake

cause i could never live without you

I sit and wonder
whats going on inside of your head
it's not your day again
so you wanna be alone instead
so then i go out, have some fun, drink the night away
I think about you, as the night turns into day

but if theres someone better that could be out there, why waste your time with me

still i could never live without you

your just a girl but you don't know the power you have over me
when i try n play it all cool
your all that i see, when i've had enough and i send you on your way the next day i know i'll be beggin you to stay


We have a 6 song acoustic cd that was created in may of 2005, we've recently added a 5 song live cd from a past show in October of 2005. We have a new single called "you win", febuary 2006.

Set List

Mostly originals and some covers. We've played 40 minute sets and some up to about 2 hours.