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Room 7

 Seattle, Washington, USA

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Powers of 9

Written By: Peter Wale


[verse 1]
You know we're in a lot of trouble, and we can't see the bottom yet,
Prosperity was just a bubble floating on a sea of debt.
The neocons were just emphatic: the gains on top were good for all;
Government was so ecstatic: you could get a mortgage at the mall, one and all!
One and all!

[verse 2]
Subscribe to voodoo economics and trickle-up is all you get,
The downs in life are simply chronic; the ups are just an outside bet.
The winners in the game keep winning when governance is laissez-faire;
Sinners left untamed keep sinning and no one gives a damn about it - they don't care
In laissez-faire.

Looking for a silver bullet - a way to make accounts work right -
I was lying in my bed when I heard a little voice inside me
Guide me to a rarer treasure;
Piece by piece, I found that fairer measure!
One computation could salvage a broken nation -
The basic equation came to me in a heartbeat:
We could make it work just fine by trusting in the powers of 9!
Tax time! Tax time!

We could make things fair for people everywhere!
Brother, you could share;
Sister, you might care.
Spread the good! (you know we could)
Dare to make things fair!
Dare to make things fair! Oh, we could make it there!
Fair, fair, fair - yeah, we could make it there!.............