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"The Slog of War CD Review"

In the last few years, the down-home aesthetic of rock and roll has come to light in yet another generation of musicians. Bands like Drive-by Truckers and My Morning Jacket have embraced the uniquely southern conventions that go back to the very foundation of the genre itself.

Ready to step into that noble lineage is Roosevelt’s Plan, whose latest album The Slog of War shows promise of carrying on this tradition.

Despite the lack of pizzazz in The Slog of War’s packaging, with what appears to be an Atari 2600 rendering of a mushroom cloud, the music paints vivid images in the listener’s mind that puts such a dopey graphic to shame. After a listen or two, it’s hard to shake the image of five scrappy Georgians rockin’ out with vintage Gibsons and Ludwigs. Often sounding like the Replacements trying to cover Allman Brothers songs with lyrics re-written by an under-medicated Hemingway, Roosevelt’s Plan definitely stake out their own musical identity. The band makes liberal use of walking bass lines and slide guitar licks but doesn’t necessarily try to be a southern rock band with all of its tacky associations. One gets the impression that the Dixie Rock colloquialisms are just natural expressions of the band’s musical roots and not mere affectations. In fact, the core sound of Roosevelt’s Plan owes much to ’80s alternative and ’90s grunge. The band even makes a play toward the jam band set with “Two” and “End All, Be All,” both of which are groovin’ numbers with running times north of ten minutes. The songs are kept interesting with rabid guitar solos and some truly inspired improvisation. Listeners even get a taste of the band’s sense of humor with “Horace Wants His Pimp Cup,” a good old-fashioned homoerotic voice mail message set to frantic Dinosaur, Jr.-inspired guitars. (Dead Ed Records)

-Matt Maynard - South East Performer, Dec. 2005


Self Titled EP (4 tracks) (2004)
Buried Alive - Full Length Live CD (2005)
The Slog of War - Full Length Studio CD (2005)
Poison Tree Records ( CA ), Volume 2 Compilation, (2006), featuring "Sweetness", from l.p "The Slog of War"



Proud to be a three piece psychedelic rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, in the vein of My Morning Jacket, Black Sabbath, Burning Brides, Trail of Dead, Black Mountain, Drive By Truckers, Ted Nugent, High on Fire, and even Motley Crue! Our live show is always an intense, high energy rollercoaster......