Roosevelt's Plan

Roosevelt's Plan


We are a southern, psychedelic rock trio from Atlanta, Ga. We just recently released our first record, The Slog of War, on our own label, Dead Ed Records. We tour continuously, logging in almost 60 dates in 2005, and hoping to double that in 2006.

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Dead Ed Records
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Demo EP 2004
Buried Alive (Live) 2005
The Slog of War LP 2005

Set List

We always would prefer to play at least 1 to 1.5 hour set. Our songs range from 2.5 mins to 14 mins. The longer we play the more sides to our music you can see. If you only play 30 or 40 mins, there are just some things we cannot perform.

Ideal Set List
Maggot Brain ( cover by Funkadelic) 10:00
Flight of a Cockroach 6:30
Afterbirth 2:30
Sweetness 3:00
The Wait 7:00
Stories of Monsters 10:00
Brother 4:00
Two 12:00
50 3:30